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Why does my e-mail get caught up on outlook?

When I try to use the program "outlook" for e-mail, I am told that "outlook cannot connect to the server." Sometimes when I try to send an e-mail by another website, the "outlook" box comes up and my messages go through, and then they get stuck in "outlook" and never go through.

Why does this happen and what can I do to make the program "outlook" connect to the server so I can e-mail.

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Are you using Outlook on a Mac or PC?


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I'm also using Outlook from Office 2011. I get the same message but it also gets and sends my mail. I do have three email accounts. I think the problems is that it is reporting this error before it has had time to go look for the mail. I'm really thinking of trying Apples mail program. The search engine on Outlook just doesn't do the job. I was much happier with the old 2004 MS Office Entourage.

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It sounds like Outlook is set as the default email program on your computer.

If you click an email link on a website, Windows will launch the default email program..in your case Outlook, and try to send an email to that link. If you have not configured Outlook with server settings, it can't send your email.

Since you use a web based email service(Hotmail)...you must right-click on the email link and select 'Copy', or "Copy email address"..then go to your Hotmail account, compose a new email and then paste the copied address into the "To" field.

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