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bottom touch is nt working

my 2g bottom screen touch is not working .............other thg r working fine ........how to repair it

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It's going to be the digitizer.

They are the most common cause of faulty touchscreens.

Although there is a very slim chance that it is something to do with the motherboard.

If this is the case it would most likely need to be sent off to some professionals.

However that would cost lots. It would be better to attempt to fix it, but there is a chance of breaking it - if you have some common sense it will be ok. :)

If you are in need of more help, contact me


Elliot Edwards.

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Good answer, but please put your contact on your profile, not your answer. Placing it into your answer, could be construed as spamming.....


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The same thing happened to mine. Required a new digitizer, however I just purchased the front panel assembly because I was not in the mood to use a heat gun to get the ear speaker and home button off.

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