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Sometimes it starts Charging...

Having a problem with this machine. It sometimes starts charging up but most of the times not. Most if the times laptop doesn't even detect the charger . otherwise laptop is working fine no other problem. i opened up the laptop, removed the logic board and saw a very liitle liquid damage near where charging socket connect with logic board. After cleaning it not charging up now means no light in charger . i already changed the charging connecter also.

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Anyone upload the picture of that area of working laptop?


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Change the AC adapter and let us know what you get.

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i changed 3 chargers and tried with 85 watt also. same . i m uploading the pictures of damage before and after cleaning.


That looks like more than a little water damage to me. My experience with liquid damaged boards holds very little hope. Once these things have shorted out there's just not much hope of ever doing with it.


Now when i plug the charger in it just give a green light for 2 sec then nothing .


Try replacing the DC-IN (Magsafe board) it's cheap and about the only thing you can do at this point.


i already done this also.


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I had a similar problem with a water damaged 15" mid 2009 Unibody Pro.

It would not charge, not recognize the connected power adapter everytime, and would sometimes display a dim green light.

I changed the battery and it still did not remedy the problem

I eventually disconnected the led battery life indicator ribbon from the logic board and it started charging immediately!!

Once I removed the led indicator, it was obvious that it had shorted out due to water damage.

So before trying a new logic board, I would definitely try this!!

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First clean the logic board properly. then leave it for few hours then try to power up


Noted with thanks


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