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The Asus Eee PC 900 Laptop is a two pound, 8.8"x6.5"x1.4" net book available in black or white.

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Why my computer is charging but it wont come on

what color do the charging of a battery is fully charge

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Have you spilled any liquid or anything on the computer?


Ya just a little and it’s says it charging on the cable like it cable button is organe but it doesn’t turn on!


My computer was just on and my cat jumped on it closing it and I reopen it and it's off and I'm trying to turn it on but it won't turn on I plugged it in and it's green I don't know what's wrong?


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The light indicator is green when the battery is fully charged. The light indicator is orange if it is charging.

You can also unplug the battery and just leave the charger plugged in and the computer should turn on. If you try this and the computer still won't turn on, then there is another issue that is keeping it from powering up that would need to be addressed with many more questions.

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well i did this but the indicator is blank but the wifi and the outhers are bright and my screen wont show up


and my screen is always blank when i turn it on


hanif, check with an external monitor. The problem might be your CCFL or inverter or your GPU. Check with a flashlight aimed at an angle against the screen, see if you can make out shadows on your display.


thanks for the help its fixed now :D thanks


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