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The Pontiac Grand Am is a mid-size size (and later compact) car produced by Pontiac. The 1999-2005 generation is the final generation of the Pontiac Grand Am.

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How to repair the radiator?

how to put a radiator on

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Exactly what model year is it? What engine size?


need a video for better performance


I have a Pontiac Aztec 2001 with a 3.4 engine.

How exactly do you remove the radiator? It is below the top motor mounts and it does not look like it would come out from the bottom. What was GM thinking when they built this car.

I think they should grab the Design Engineer by the short hairs and drag him into the shop and make him do the replacement.....


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Tina Hughes, here you go:"

CAUTION: As long as there is pressure in the cooling system, the temperature can be considerably higher than the boiling temperature of the solution in the radiator without causing the solution to boil. Removal of the pressure cap while the engine is hot and pressure is high will cause the solution to boil instantaneously - possibly with explosive force - spewing the solution over the engine, fenders and the person removing the cap.

Park on a level surface, turn the ignition off and disconnect the negative battery cable. Drain the radiator fluid as described in the manual :" Draining Procedure

1. Park the vehicle on a level surface.

2. When the engine is cool, remove the surge tank cap by following these steps:

2.1. Slowly rotate the surge tank cap counterclockwise about a 1/4 turn and then stop.

2.2. Wait until any residual pressure is relieved. Residual pressure is indicated by a hissing sound.

2.3. After all hissing stops, continue to rotate the surge tank cap counterclockwise until the cap is removed.

3. Use a 1/4 inch square drive or a 3/16 inch hex drive to open the radiator drain valve. The radiator drain valve is located at the bottom of the radiator tank.

4. Remove the engine block drain plug.

5. Allow the coolant to drain completely.

6. Inspect the drained coolant:

Important: Dispose of used coolant in a proper fashion, such as in a used coolant holding tank. Never pour used coolant down the drain. Ethylene glycol antifreeze is a very toxic chemical. Disposing of ethylene glycol antifreeze into the sewer system is both illegal and ecologically unsound.

Disconnect the lower radiator hose and drain the rest of the radiator into a resealable container. Disconnect the fan and the fan shroud, if so equipped. Remove the other radiator hoses. Check the hoses for tears, wear and they should not feel spongy with soft spots. Replace with new ones as needed.Detach the transmission cooler lines. You'll need a with a flare nut wrench for that. Remove the fasteners that hold the radiator in place and lift out the radiator.

Refilling Procedure

1. Close the radiator drain plug.

2. If previously removed, install the engine block drain plugs.

When installing the drain plugs, use pipe sealer GM P/N 12346004 (Canadian P/N 10953480).

Important: On vehicles equipped with the 3.4L engine, open the coolant air bleed valve. The coolant air bleed valve is located on the top of the thermostat bypass pipe/heater pipe assembly. Close the valve once a continuous stream of coolant is expelled from the valve.

3. Fill the surge tank to the base of the filler neck.

4. Start the engine with the pressure cap off. Run the engine until the upper radiator hose starts to get hot.

5. If the coolant level in the surge tank is low, add the proper mix of coolant until the level reaches the full cold line.

Important: After servicing the cooling system, and if the vehicle is equipped with an intermittent low coolant light, an occasional low coolant light may be encountered during some extreme driving maneuvers. This complaint should be eliminated by removing the surge tank cap and adding coolant to a level just at or above the full cold line when the system is cold.

Block Image

Coolant Drain Plug

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How can I use JB Weld to fix it ????


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