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display shows purple strips


my MacBook was fallen on the floor. Now it has in some cases purple strips on the screen. They are very random. And i can make them disappear when i press on the surface of the MacBook. It seems to be a totter contact. The purple strips are not on an external monitor and not on a screenshot.

I have done a hardware check and everything seems to be good.

OS: macos X 10.6

date of buying: october 2006

Here are some screenshots:




Hope someone can help me.

Greetings Mischa

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Hello all,

thanks for the feedback!

I am right now at my girlfriends place. So I can´t have a look into the MacBook Pro.

I hope that it is only a cable ..:-(

@lemerise: I have connected the MBP to an external monitor and there are no purple lines.

@lemerise: I mean preasure on the MBP case. Sometimes the lines disapear also when i move the display up and down....Its very strange.

@markus: Do u know where this plugs , that can get a little lose, are? Where can i find them on the board?

thanks M.

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Hi mischa, welcome to ifixit Answers.

It looks like your LCD panel is going bad IMHO. Do you still have the same image when changing the screen resolution via ->system preferences -> monitors ?

If the video is normal on the external monitor then the LCD panel or the LVDS (video) cable is not working as it should. You say <<...And i can make them disappear when i press on the surface of the MacBook...>> Do you mean the lines disappears when you apply pressure on the LCD display or on the MBP case ? If it's on the LCD display then it can indicate a LCD electronic board failure. If it's on the case then the problem could be caused by a bad LVDS cable connection to the logic board or a faulty GPU (graphic processor unit).

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hi mischa,

i think it could be a loose connector on the logic board.

my first thought was a broken soldering under the gpu - but that can't be when everything is ok on the external monitor.

best regards


(jetzt nochmal auf deutsch - ich denke das der stecker vom mainboard sich gelockert hat - denn wenn der grafikprozessor defekt wäre, dann hättest du die störungen auch auf dem externen monitor. der stecker am tft kann es auch nicht sein, denn dann hätte das auch keine auswirkungen drauf wenn du auf dem MacBook rumdrückst.

vergleiche mal bilder von dem mainboard und schau wo da der stecker zum tft ist und dann schau mal ob das mit dem bereich überein stimmt an dem du drückst.

die stecker sollten zwar fest sein, aber bei einem sturz kann der schon ein bisschen locker werden und dann würde das zu deinem problem passen

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hi mischa,

since you have a 17" from 2006 - the lvds connector should be left from the right fan ;-) (slightly right from the center of you keyboard - but i think that every point on the the right keyboardside can be good)

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You mean this on the picture on the right...



The foxcon cable.


yes - as lemerise also wrote - thats the cable



now i have opened my MBP and i think it is really the foxcon cable. Because when i push on the connection to the motherboard i can see the purple strips.....I have tried to push the cable deeper into the connection. I hope this helps. Right now i am writing this text on the MBP and i dont have no strips again. What else can I do?

greetings Mischa


Do you still have lines or you don't ?

If your video signal is stable you have nothing else to do, enjoy.

Applying kapton tape on the LVDS connector/socket would keep the connector well seated in the socket. If kapton tape is not available in your area then electrical tape would also do the job.



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I had the exact same problem for months! I didn't even know it had been dropped or dented on the corner on the screen. Upon reading yours and another post I closed my Macbook, FOUND THE CORNER WITH THE DENT (WHAT?!?!), pressed down on the dented corner and vlola, problem solved! Thanx for this post. I hope this quick fix lasts. It has saved me a bundle!

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