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Apple and Mac Solutions

IT support and repairs for all mac and apple products

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I'm a local Apple and Mac specialist, I specialize in Apple device setup, updates, or repairs right in the comfort of client's home or business. I also offer personalized Apple training for newbies and seasoned business pros.

Below are some of the many services I provide. Give me a call on my direct line for a free phone consultation and we can chat about which custom solutions best fit your needs.

  • Optimize and clean up your Mac so it's as fast as it used to be
    • Repairs to all Mac and Apple devices
    • Mac Setup & Installation
    • Apple device training/tutoring
    • Software/Hardware Upgrades
    • Remote access
    • Wireless network setup/troubleshooting
    • Data recovery & backup (lost photos, files, etc)
    • Sync ALL your Apple devices so they all talk to each other and share your information seamlessly
    • Virus/Spyware removal
    • Much more

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Established in 2012.

Since 2001 I've been passionate about learning everything there is to know about these amazing devices.

I love sharing my passion with others by helping them get their bend held devices and desktop equipment optimized and purring like a content house cat.

For 10 years I was solely responsible for the IT of a private school which only used Macs. The school sadly closed its doors last year and these days I travel to my clients homes and businesses to help them with their Mac and Apple device related issues.

For me it's so much fun getting a slow computer back up to its optimal speed, getting multiple devices to share information seamlessly and making sure my clients have an infallible back-up system in place - (You Need to Back Up :-)