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Background & Identification

The 4 Sight 9, is a white 9x4 inch touch screen tablet, on the Android operating system. It is manufactured by the 4Sight company, which originated in the Middle East in 1995, and is still in operation today. It's MSRP is $250, but price varies depending on what site you buy it from (Amazon, Sears, ebay, etc.) There is no record of how many have been sold in the past, but its sellers rank #30,503 of other computer and accessories manufacturers.

This is a bare bones tablet without many features except only wifi for accessing the internet and a 0.3 MP front facing camera for taking pictures, Skype etc. It doesn't not come with Google Play store installed. Known modes of failure included a thin glass screen that is known to easily break and the battery not being able to hold/take a charge. There is no manufacturers website but there is information on other sites. There are no other versions of this tablet except a 7" screen one with the model number 4SPA752C.


To find a list of common hardware issues and possible solutions, try out the 4Sight 9 Troubleshooting page.

Tech Specs

OS: Android 4.0

Processor: 1.1GHz Cortex-A8 (Single-core)


Storage: 4GB

Wireless: 802.11 b/g/n

Display: 9"

Ports: Mini USB 2.0

Size: 9.3" x 0.5" x 5.8"

Weight: 1.2lbs

Additional Information

Specifications and Information via Secondipidty

Amazon Product Page

Ask Me Fast Booting Information

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