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Released in October 2014, the Alcatel OneTouch is the 2nd iteration of the Evolve line. The phone measures 4.8" x 2.5" x 0.5" and has a 4" display. It is a simple smartphone running the Android OS, and is capable of capturing photographs/videos, making calls, and browsing the internet. The phone has 4GB of storage and can support up to 32GB SD cards. The phone communicates through a micro USB port and has 1,400 mAh battery capacity which can last up to 6 hours of talk time or 14 days of standby.

It can be distinguished from its previous models by the lack of silver around the front edge and the lack of ALCATEL written on the top of the phone. The model number, 4037T-2BWFUS1-R, is located behind the battery.

Alcatel OneTouch Evolve vs Alcatel OneTouch Evolve 2

Specifications of Alcatel OneTouch Evolve 2

T-mobile Support Page

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