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The Alcatel One Touch Evolve 2 is an Android smart phone. The various repairs are fairly simple and only require a few basic tools.

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Swype has stopped working

Swype has stopped and unable to fix, any suggestions? Took battery, sim card out.

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Just download the google keyboard (Gboard). It has built in swype functions.

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The GBoard is there and installed and can't seem to see if it needs updating. It does have the option to uninstall updates.


Yes. Should be

Settings --> apps --> Google keyboard

If you don't see uninstall updates, try "Clear Defaults" and then change the settings in Settings --> Languages and Keyboard again.


I'm unable to swype down to unlock the phone and answer calls, texts, etc. All I can do is force power off by holding the power button while simultaneously holding both volume keys. Please help!


Ok, "Swype" is a program/technology that lets one text more easily on a keyboard.

Do you mean your phones screen does not react to your "swipes", as in, it won't register your touches on the screen?

If that is the case, you likely have a bad digitizer.

To replace it, you need to have a professional replace it, or if you are comfortable doing it yourself, the part is here:



Exactly!! No reaction to swype or any key...wah...was hopin for an easy hack..THANKS EXPONENTIALLY! I tried the Google Android Device Mgr ---locked the phone----set key pswd...noooo dice! The screen stopped responding to my normal swype.

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