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If you are having difficulties with the Canon CP-220, try referring to the troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

The Canon CP-220 was released by Canon in April of 2004. This model of Canon can be identified by the name Compact Photo Printer CP-220 on the front of the device and by its model number CD1008 on the back of the device.

The Canon CP-220 is compact photo printer useful for on-the-go. This version is smaller than its previous version. The CP-220 is able to print 4x6” photos, 4x8” photos, credit-card sized photos as well as 8 mini labels. Print time is just 85 seconds for the 4x6” photos and only 106 seconds for the 4x8” photos. Compared to previous versions of the device, this is speedy.

Additional Information

Canon CP-220 Support Page

Download Canon CP-220 Drivers

Buy Ink for Printer Here

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