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Easy deployment and centralized management features enable the Cisco 878 G.SHDSL Integrated Services Router to be deployed in small office or teleworker sites as part of an enterprise network, by small to medium business customers for secure WAN and WLAN connectivity, or used by service providers to offer business-class broadband and WLAN services.

NOTE: This product is no longer being sold and might not be supported. This Product is being replaced by the new Cisco 888EA Multimode EFM/ATM ISR which has better performance and interoperability than the Cisco 878.

Product Overview

Cisco 878 G.SHDSL Integrated Services Routers are fixed-configuration routers that support G.SHDSL technology connection in small offices. Router provide the performance needed to run concurrent services, including firewall, intrusion prevention, and encryption for VPNs; optional 802.11b/g for WLAN networking; and quality of service (QoS) features for optimizing voice and video applications. In addition, the Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) Web-based configuration tool simplifies setup and deployment, and centralized management capabilities give network managers visibility and control of the network configurations at the remote site.

Cisco 878 G.SHDSL Integrated Services Router offer:

  • High performance for G.SHDSL access in small offices.
  • Enhanced security, including:
    • Stateful Inspection Firewall.
    • IP Security (IPSec) VPNs (Triple Data Encryption Standard [3DES] or Advanced Encryption Standard [AES]).
    • Intrusion prevention system (IPS).
    • Antivirus support through Network Admission.
  • Control (NAC) and enforcement of secure access policies.
  • 4-port 10/100 managed switch with VLAN support.
  • Secure WLAN 802.11b/g option with use of multiple antennas.
  • Easy setup, deployment, and remote management capabilities through Web-based tools and Cisco IOS® Software.


The Cisco 878 G.SHDSL Integrated Services Router is ideally suited to be deployed where a small office is going to be connected to a larger network, most often with a secure VPN connection. These types of offices can include the following:

  • Small Remote Office: Connects users in a small remote office, such as insurance agents, lawyer offices, or sales offices using professional VPN encryption, firewall, and IPS. IT managers can centrally manage the remote site to quickly troubleshoot any network issues.
  • Teleworking: The Cisco 878 G.SHDSL Integrated Services Router is ideal for corporate teleworkers who need G.SHDSL connection. A platform gives IT managers to manage the employee's home office connectivity. QoS features allow to connect an IP phone, integrated WLAN support secure wireless connectivity.
  • Remote Call Center Agent: This solution extends the Cisco IP Contact Center solution for telephone call center agents to remote sites. The call center agent can be dispersed away from call center facilities while maintaining secure voice and data access in their home.
  • Retail VPN: Low-cost broadband access with the required security to effectively use these public networks.
  • Managed Services: Service providers and value-added resellers can offer differentiated business class security and WLAN services for small to medium business customers.

Product Datasheet

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