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Visit the Dell Photo Printer 720 Troubleshooting page to find quick solutions to common issues.

Background and Identification

The Dell Photo Printer 720 was released in 2004 by Dell Inc. This printer supports Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems. Components include a paper support, paper guide, paper tray, a light grey front cover that allows for easy ink removal, power button, USB connector to link to a computer, and a power connector for the power adapter to connect to. Although the name indicates it is used for photo printing, it can also be used as a standard document printer as well as for printing many other mediums such as envelopes, banners, greeting cards, postcards, and transparencies. There are no known manufacturer recalls for this product.

Additional Information

For more information about Dell Photo Printer 720, take a look at the owner's manual as well as the User Guide for this device.

The Dell support page can direct you to additional resources such as the device warranty, similar products, and frequently asked questions.

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