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For common issues with the device, please refer to this troubleshooting page.

Background and Identification

Approved by the FCC on October 8th, 2007, the Dynex DX-WEGRTR is a router designed for home and small business uses. Rated with an Enhanced G coverage, it is able to provide up to 700' of wireless range. It also features Security Sync, for a fast, secure, and setup-free wireless connection with your WiFi enabled devices.

The DX-WEGRTR also counts with Ethernet connectivity, providing 4 ports for wired connections. There's also the source port with a Standard Ethernet design for rerouting the signal from your modem. Dynex has also included a hard reset button, which can be very useful for quickly resetting all previously determined preferences. To wrap it all up, this very power efficient router counts on a completely software based User Interface; by visiting the IP address specified in the product manual, we are able to completely configure this device in an intuitive GUI that includes everything from naming your device, to setting up multiple levels of encryption of your connection.



Additional Information

Dynex product page.

Product manual in English and PDF formal.

DX-WEGRTR wiki page.

Helpful reviews that costumers have written about this product.

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