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If you are having trouble with the HP Pavilion G7-2235DX laptop, check out the HP Pavilion G7 2235DX Troubleshooting Page here.

Background and identification

The HP Pavilion G7-2235DX is a notebook laptop manufactured by Hewlett Packard, released in 2012. The product is identifiable by the name Pavilion G7 on the top right corner of the screen, and by the product number C3Q74UA.

The HP Pavilion G7's portability, light-weight, and overall level of functioning make it a great choice for a laptop. The laptop's most remarkable feature is its 17.3'' high-definition widescreen display that uses BrightView technology to produce advanced visuals. Other notable features include a 4GB DDR3 SDRAM memory, a LED backlit display (1600x900), a high-speed LAN network card for easy internet access, a webcam with an integrated mic for video-chats, and a 640 GB hard drive.

Additional Information

HP Pavilion G7-2235dx Product Specifications

HP Pavilion G7-2235dx Support Page

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