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Lightahead DV328

This is a high quality HD camcorder that is very affordable and unlike any other. The user will be able to capture precious moments of their life and is an economical, efficient, and easy-to-use multifunction camcorder/camera. It supports JPEG still images and AVI video formats. It comes with a large and bright 2.7-inch color LCD and the user will be able to preview images with ease. DV328 features 8 MP resolution (12 MP interpolated) so images will always come out looking their best. It's able to support 32 GB of memory and there's an AV out and included AV cable for connecting to a TV and a USB port too. This camcorder comes with a rechargeable Lithium battery.

User Interface:

  • 4x digital zoom Flip-out 2.4-inch color TFT LCD Built-in microphone and loudspeaker
  • USB 2.0 interface
  • Focus: 0.5m to infinity External memory: SD/SDHC (supports up to 8 GB, not included)
  • DV7000A 5 MP (12 MP Interpolated)
  • Multifunction Camcorder

Track down a number of hardware problems using the Lightahead DV328 Troubleshooting


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