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The Moultrie I45 GameSpy model MFH-DGS-I45S digital camera was released in 2009 and is intended for outdoor use to observe wildlife on trails.This device looks different from the first model in that is does not have multiple flash bulbs or any white on the body, it is solid black. The camera has an adjustable strap slot on either side for easy mounting to a tree or game stand.

The camera has both flash and infrared technology, allowing it to work in darkness.Included in every time stamp are the temperature and moon phase for which the photo or video was taken. Though a memory card is the common storage for the device, a separately purchased USB cable or cellular modem can link the camera to an external computer.

Manufacturer's Instruction Manual

This guide has easy to follow instructions and information about the camera.

Statistics and Overview

More in-depth information regarding the Moultrie I45 GameSpy can be found on this page.

Review and Sample Pictures

This website specializes in testing outdoor cameras and has consumer based information about the Moultrie I45.

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