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If you are having difficulties with the Sony Alpha A350, try referring to the troubleshooting page

The Sony Alpha A350 was released in March of 2008. This DSLR comes with 14.2 Megapixels resolution and image stabilization to ensure stellar photo production. With major upgrades from the Sony Alpha A200 such as: adding live view mode, 4.2 additional megapixels, an improved LCD screen, a pop up flash, updated battery indicator with percentage, and many more. Only two ounces greater in weight than the Sony Alpha A200, the A350 offers greater quality images, and ease of use. This device offers manual mode, recording mode, playback mode, auto mode, aperture priority mode, and shutter priority mode; It does not offer movie mode.

Some of the known failure modes for this device are poor focusing in low lighting conditions, lower flash pop up than other DSLR’s, excessive sound reduction, and the live view does not show entire frame.

Sony eSupport - DSLR A350

Sony Alpha A350 Manual

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