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Background and Identification

The Sun King solar powered lantern can be used as a free standing or handheld device. The Sun King logo can be found on the circle containing the LED lights. Unlike other models, the solo lantern does not have USB ports or LCD charge indicator screen due to it's simplicity.

The Sun King solar lantern was awarded Lighting Africa Outstanding Project in 2010.

There are three lighting modes available including torch mode, lantern mode, and turbo mode which can be activated by pressing the ON/OFF button.

The device consists of 10 LED bulbs, a durable polycarbonate casing, and an all-season 700mW 4.7V solar panel.

The 3.2 volt Lithium Ferro-Phosphate (LFP) battery is expected to last for 5 years.


For general troubleshooting, see Sun King Solo Solar Lantern Troubleshooting

Additional Information

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