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Having trouble with your Syma S107? Refer to the troubleshooting guide.

The Syma S107 is a inexpensive mini RC helicopter that is designed for indoor flight. It is powered by a 3.7V 150 Mah Li-Po batter that allows for 5-7 minutes of flight time. It can be charged by a supplied USB cable or the controller itself; charge time ranges from 50-60 minutes. The Syma S107 uses two sets of counter rotating blades and gyro technology for stable flight. The controller has two channels which enables you to fly two helicopters in the same area without signal interference.

Length: 22 cm

Width: 3.8 cm

Height: 9.8 cm

Controller Range: 10 m

Flight Time: 5-7 min

Charge Time: 50-60 min

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