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Completed: Amazon Fire HD 10 screen replacement

Greg Charland -

Amazon Fire HD 10

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Amazon Fire HD 10 Screen Replacement

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Mein Problem

Fire HD 10 was dropped, screen cracked. Amazon won't fix it—they offered me a discount on a replacement, which was nice, but I still had a HD 10 with a shattered screen.

Meine Reparatur

I ordered a replacement screen off eBay for about $75US. Came from HK in a about a week. The part matched well.

Removing the original screen was a major pain. We used plastic spreaders and a steel chisel. I think a 1.5" putty knife would probably work better. The screen broke off each time we pried it—super strong adhesive—but was all held together by the digitizer screen. After breaking loose a couple inches I was able to work the plastic spreaders around the gap.

Mein Rat

Have replacement screen adhesive on hand when you do this job. Otherwise the new screen will flop around and fall out until you put in the adhesive.

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