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My First Ever Repair

Christopher Birdwell -

Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch Headphone Jack and Game Card Reader Replacement

45 Minuten


Mein Problem

My Nintendo Switch didn't read game cards so I decided it would be best to replace the game card reader because I have 90% of my games on cards.

Meine Reparatur

The repair went great the only problem I had was that the back Tri-Wing screws 2 of them had gotten striped so I needed to drill them out.

Mein Rat

If your Nintendo switch doesn't read game cards this is an easy fix and will most likely fix it for you. Make sure you take the backplate 4 screws slowly as to not strip them. And if they break I'm just ordering new screws off Amazon.

Tri-point Y00 Screwdriver Bild
Tri-point Y00 Screwdriver


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