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XBOX 360 Fails

dangelo -

Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit

45 Minuten - 1 Stunde


Mein Problem


Meine Reparatur

It will take arround alf hour.

Mein Rat

My xbox 360 was down, with the three red Led flashing.

I ordered the FIX IT kit with tools. I received my packages much faster than expected (arround one week US to the Belgium).

The Council I have to give is to carefully disassemble Xbox exactly as described in the FIX IT document. Then some people on this web site have propose to turn the Xbox without fan, I have not done. And it works perfectly. I am electronics engineer and I would advise against to do so because in some cases this could permanently damage your Xbox 360

Good courage and good games.

D'Angelo Tiziano of Belgium

Sorry for spelling errors

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit Bild
Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit


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