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York University, Team S1-G3, Woodhouse Winter 2020



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Hi, my name is Salma Zitoun. I am currently enrolled in York University studying Information Technology.

I have worked before with computers and helped people understand how to use it. In high school, I volunteered at a center to help people use computers including seniors. I have always loved using the computer. I remember how I was always interested in learning new things and was always surprised when something new came up. I started with typing simple documents and just going through different things and that's what made me interested in programming.

In the future, I want to work with programs and gain more experiences to become better.

In high school, I was always active with activities around the school. I was in many clubs and helped with different groups.

I have been involved with different projects but never really got to repair or make anything by myself which I am hoping I get to do in the future. I am really excited to be able to work on a project with IFIX it and learn from it.