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Inspiriert vom gestrigen Teardwon der PlayStation VR, haben wir uns auch an die PlayStation 4 Slim gemacht. Kompakter und interessanter als jemals zuvor, doch wie hält sich diese Slim im Gegensatz zu ihren älteren Brüdern? Schau zu und finde es heraus!

Dieser Teardown ist keine Reparaturanleitung. Um dein PlayStation 4 Slim zu reparieren, verwende unsere Fehlerbehebungsseite.

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Sata ii? or sata iii?

James casner - Antwort

My PS4 slim literally just stopped playing video game CDs, I was able to eject my Fifa 17; but since then I've been trying to put it back in and it's simply not working. This is really strange for me. Please what do you think is the problem and how can i solve it?

P.S. When I put my head close to the console, I hear a continuous clicking sound.

michael enearu - Antwort

The same as my console , my PS4 Slim didn't read disk games before 3 days ago. When I turned on my console,I can hear the dick spinning but after a short while it stopped. And the screen showed "Unrecognized disc ". I also found only one way can made my console read disk : turned on the console for about 10 minutes then restarted it.But I think the most useful way is change the disk driver.

dds2005 -

I had the same issue with my Original Day One PS4, and the repair shop swapped out all the Blu Ray Drives with brand new drives to try to correct the issue… After swapping out the original Blu Ray drive with multiple Blu Ray drives which still didn’t correct the issue than I was told to buy a new PS4 console since it was a motherboard issue as I was told by the repair shop that not even restoring the system software to factory defaults fixed the issue either….

millenium_outrider -

The laser reader is jammed

akil deberry - Antwort

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