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Acer Iconia W3-810 Troubleshooting

You have trouble getting this device to turn on or off properly

Test the charger included with the device in order to see if it gives the tablet a charge. If it does not, test another charger. If that charger works, the original charger is malfunctional, and most likely has a frayed or pierced cord. If no cord works, the battery is most likely faulty, in which case use the following link to the Battery Replacement Guide section of the Acer User Manual.

Ensure that the device is charged. If the device does not appear to be charging, attempt to use the charging cord included with the device. If this will not charge the device, attempt to use another cord to charge. If neither cord works in giving a charge to the device and the device will not turn on, the tablet may have a faulty battery or a broken display. Before going through the replacement process, use a paperclip to press down the reset button for four seconds and attempt to turn on the device again. If this does not work, refer to the replacement guide included in the link to the Acer Manual.

Your device’s screen is not showing a display or the display is altered.

If the screen is flickering, attempt to do a Factory Reset. If a factory reset is not successful, attempt to reset the device to an older version of the software. If this does not work, the screen is faulty and can be replaced using the Screen Replacement Guide

If your screen turns blue it is possible that a driver has failed. Attempt to reboot. If this does not stop the blue screen, perform a Factory Reset.

Attach mouse to tablet to see if only the touch screen is not responding. If the mouse is functional but the screen is not, attempt to reset the device using a paperclip.

I can’t connect to the internet.

If you cannot connect to wifi, there may be a problem with your modem or router. Turn off the tablet, and then turn off the modem/router. Turn both devices back on and attempt to connect the tablet to the wifi again. If the problem persists, contact your internet service provider. A link for the modem and tablet reset can be found below.

Make sure wifi is enabled, if it is not enable it.

You have trouble listening to sounds on this device.

Test the audio through the tablet speakers, and then test the sound through a pair of headphones. Ensure that the headphone jack is secured plugged in. If the audio is only distorted or missing while the headphones are plugged in, the audio jack may be loose or faulty.

Test the audio through the tablet speakers, and then test the sound through a pair of headphones. Ensure that the headphone jack is securely plugged in. If the audio through the headphone jack is functional but the audio through the speaker is distorted, muffled, or missing, the speaker may be damaged or broken. Consider using this Speaker Replacement Guide to replace them.

If the sound from the speakers is missing, the device could have a faulty audio driver. If this is the problem use the Acer Community Forum in order to download and install the most recent update of the audio driver.

Keys aren’t responding/working.

If the button input won’t start the device, the button may be stuck. If this is a consistent problem, you will need to clean the key. Use a q-tip with some saturated alcohol to clean the stuck key all around the edges. Make sure the device is upside down so that gravity doesn’t pull the alcohol inside.

If the device won’t turn on even though the power button is held, you’ll need a replacement.

It seems that my gyroscope is broken.

How do I fix that?

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