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Altec Lansing Mini Lifejacket 2 Troubleshooting

This troubleshooting page will help you diagnose problems with the Altec Lansing Mini Lifejacket 2, identified by model number IMW477.

The speaker will not connect to any devices through bluetooth.

Make sure the hardware and software are working properly by making sure they connect when prompted. If the audio source says that it is not compatible then turn the device off in order to reset the bluetooth on the receiving device.

Make sure that the speaker is in discoverable mode, denoted by the blinking blue light on the front of the device.

Make sure the speaker is within 30 feet of your bluetooth device when attempting to connect.

If your speaker was successfully paired but the connection is failing, make sure that the speaker is within 30 feet of your bluetooth device and no large objects or walls are obstructing it. Try to unpair the devices, then reconnect them.

If the device seems to be functioning normally but refuses to pair with other devices, the bluetooth antenna may not be receiving a signal. In this case, you may wish to follow our circuit board replacement guide.

The speaker will not charge or turn on.

Check if the speaker is charging when you plug it through the charging port, denoted by a steady red light located at the center of the speaker. If the speaker is not charging there may be a problem with the charging port or the power cable. Try a different power source or a different cable. If the problem persists, consider replacing the charging port using our back panel replacement guide.

If the device appears to be charging but won’t turn on, the battery may be dead. To replace the battery, follow our battery replacement guide.

The speaker emits buzzing, distortion, or hissing sounds.

A possible reason for the device emitting weird sounds could be because the volume is too high. If that is the case, you are hearing an audio pop which occurs when the sound is too high. Adjust the volume in this case. Another possibility is that the audio itself is faulty. Check the audio quality on another device to make sure it is alright.

The wireless range of the device is 30 feet. To avoid audio disruptions, place the speaker within the range of the device it is connected to. If it emits distorted sounds such as static or fuzz, make sure that there is no large object in between the speaker and the device it is connected to.

If the device continues to emit strange sounds, check the signal through both bluetooth and the auxiliary cable. If both are working properly and the problem still exists, then the speaker may be faulty and needs to be replaced. In this case follow the link to below to check out our speaker replacement guide.

The speaker’s battery won’t hold charge for the advertised 10 hours.

To check if your device has a faulty battery unplug it and see if it stays charged for a prolonged period of time. If the device does not stay charged then you may have a faulty battery. To replace the battery, follow our battery replacement guide.

When the device is fully charged make sure to unplug it from the charging source. The battery’s lifespan could be shortened if overcharged multiple times.

The speaker is powered on, but won’t play audio.

Make sure your audio source is not muted and its volume is up. Press the + button on top of the speaker to increase its volume.

Check to make sure your bluetooth device is turned on and is discoverable. A blinking blue light on the front of the speaker means it is ready to make a connection. A steady blue light means the speaker is paired. Make sure the speaker isn’t already connected to a different device.

If the speaker won’t play audio through the 3.5mm auxiliary port, the cable may be faulty. First, test the speaker’s connection through bluetooth, then through the auxiliary port. If the problem is only present in the auxiliary port, make sure that both ends of the cable are properly connected. If possible, test the connection with a different 3.5mm cable. If a new cable does not fix the issue, the auxiliary port itself may be defective.

If the issues stated above do not help, then the fault may be with the speaker. Symptoms of a faulty speaker may be very quiet or muffled audio, or none at all. In that case, the speaker will have to be replaced. You can do this by following our speaker replacement guide.

My mini life jacket that has worked for 8 months has decided not to today. The device will not turn off. Pressing and holding power button does nothing. Pressing the +\- together doesn’t disconnect from any device. And plugging into charger that once always was red until full is now emitting a purple light. (Assuming because both the blue and red light is lit). Anyone else having problems with theirs and if so how was this fixed?

Templarz Rise - Antwort

I have had mine a lot longer but it just did that exact same thing yesterday. I was listening to music just fine and I got a phone call switched to the iPhone and wass talking during the call somehow the call went back to the lifejacket and when I switched it back tot he phone the second time it never worked. I plugged it in and got the purple light not the red charging light and now that its unplugged it won’t stop flashing the blue light like it is in discoverable mode only I can’t discover it and pair it with anything and I also can not turn it off

donald ornelas - Antwort

My Mini stopped working. It would not restart. The red light was on when plugged in and would not start. I tried the button reset to no avail. I opened the speaker and unplugged the battery for a few seconds then plugged it back in. I pressed and held the ‘on’ button for seconds and it powered on. It seems to be working fine now. This worked for me.

ante chamber - Antwort

My mini life jacket jolt that had worked perfectly fine for at least 2 or more months stopped working. I was using it this morning and was about to leave so I held down the power button the the white light wouldn't turn off. I came back home hours later and the light is still on, but the speaker won’t turn on or off. The blue connect light won't come on. My phone won't even connect to it. Whqt do I do?

Mari Corbin - Antwort

Same. Did u figure it out?

Ellie -

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