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Asus Transformer Flip Book TP200S Troubleshooting

Released in 2015, Model number TP200S

The flip book will not respond to any attempts at powering the device on.

Be certain that the power adapter is correctly plugged into the charging port and that the charging light is turned on. If you do not see the charging light turn on, your power adapter may be faulty. Consider a replacement adapter.

If your device is not able to turn on without the adapter plugged in, then your battery is not keeping charge and needs to be replaced. Our guide can assist with replacing the battery.

If your device is not charging properly and you have determined it not to be the fault of the battery or A/C adapter, try cleaning your charge port with compressed air. Cleaning this often can ensure a better lifetime for your device.

Flip book freezes, runs slowly, or does not respond to any inputs.

If possible, open task manager and check if any unfamiliar programs are running. Keep an eye on the CPU usage, try to disable any that is using a significant amount of it.

CPUs can simply burn out for a variety of reasons, heat, age, stress, or power surges are all potential causes. If this is the case, replace it.

Check to see if it feels hot to the touch, if it is your laptop may be overheating. Check our troubleshooting topic for solutions below.

Check what material your device is sitting on. If it is an insulating material like a blanket or other porous surface, move to a hard surface like a wood or laminate table. Make sure nothing is blocking the fan vent. Overheating will cause the device to slow down and work less efficiently.

If the device fan is loud and the air from the vents is very hot, you may need to move it to a different surface or turn it off to let it cool down. Consider investing in a laptop cooling pad or stand because this suggests the factory fan is insufficient to cool the device or malfunctioning. If malfunctioning consider replacing the fan.

My computer stops working all of a sudden or crashes, and a blue screen with an error message appears.

There are a variety of potential causes for BSoDs, of the most common are faulty device drivers. Make sure all of your drivers are up to date, if this problem persists it may be a bug with the drivers as a result of poor coding or it is corrupted. Look for signs of what seems to be causing them. It may be possible to determine what drivers are faulty based on what seems to be causing them, and attempt to reinstall the related drivers. Checking System and Application logs in Event Viewer may help provide more clues as to what may be wrong.

The BSoD occurs whenever a fatal system error occurs, and a wide variety of hardware problems can be the issue. A corrupted hard drive is a common issue, and should be the first thing you check after drivers.

Screen does not register any touch inputs.

The screen sensors might be damaged and not reading inputs. Check to make sure the screen is not cracked and has not suffered any serious damage. If you do find screen damage, consider looking at our screen repair guide for this device.

The unresponsiveness could be a factor of the computer being slowed down by running programs and not registering your inputs on time. Check to see that you are not running many programs at once. Also check to see if your inputs are coming through after a certain amount of time.

The screen of this device is connected to the motherboard by a wire. If this wire becomes disconnected, the screen would fail to turn on despite the device being powered on. For more info on making sure the wire is connected, check out our screen repair guide for this device.

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