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Dieses Wiki wurde von einem der Studenten unseres Bildungsprogramms erstellt. Es wurde nicht von iFixit Mitarbeitern überprüft.

Pulling the trigger does not do anything

The trigger doesn't fire the weapon as it should when pulled.

Is the gun turned on?

The time tested solution to electronics; sometimes we just forget to turn the device on (check the left side of the gun for an orange switch).

Broken Motor/Circuitry

Sadly your gun's internals may no longer be working due to overuse or defective parts. Please check our guide on opening the gun and replacing the dart accelerator assembly for more details.

The trigger spring is broken

Often times - especially after long use - the spring in the Tommy 20 tends to wear out, or move out of place, and requires replacement or readjustment. Please refer to our guide on how to replace the trigger spring for more details.

Darts get stuck in the chamber

Darts get stuck within the gun instead of firing normally.

Crooked bullets

Your choice in ammunition might be part of the problem here; make sure the darts are straight so that they don't misfire. If they are crooked, try to bend them back into shape. This may be difficult due to the foam structure of the darts but it is doable!

The gun will not turn on

The gun simply won't do anything when turned on.

Drained/bad battery

No power means no shooting no matter how hard you pull the trigger. Please check out our guide on replacing the battery if that's the case.

On/off switch is broken

Sometimes the on/off switch can get stuck, or stop working for various reasons; try opening the gun up and seeing if you can get it moving again. Following the trigger spring guide is a good starting place to get access if it's a serious issue.

The motor does not sound normal or smooth

The normal hum of the motor as the gun fires has turned into some sort of weak whine.

Drained/bad battery

A weak sounding motor is often caused by a lack of power. Please try replacing the batteries.

The ammo drum will not spin

Your gun's ammo drum is not working correctly and won't load the darts into the gun.

A bullet is jammed inside the barrel or the loading mechanism

Hopefully you can look down the barrel and see the problem causing dart and fish it out. If taking apart the gun (using the ammo drum guide) may be the best way to solve the problem.

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