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Axess SPBT1031 Troubleshooting

Rechargeable indoor/outdoor Bluetooth speaker. Capable of using USB, AUX and SD card for music input. Product released in 2014.

Speaker indicates that Bluetooth is successfully connected but no songs are coming out.

When choosing the audio input source your options are Bluetooth, SD card, USB port, FM Radio, and AUX input. By using the “Mode” button, you can scan through the different inputs that are currently available. The availability is based on what you currently have connected to the speaker.

To make the Bluetooth option available, be sure that the Bluetooth mode on the music source device is currently turned on. When you are sure that the Bluetooth mode is active, the source device must be paired with the speaker. To do this go into the settings of the source device, find the Bluetooth mode and select “Axess SPBT1031.” Once the devices are paired (this should only take a few seconds) you will be able to play music through your Axess speaker. The device may automatically change to Bluetooth mode, but if it does not, press the mode button to cycle the audio inputs until you get to Bluetooth mode.

Check to make sure the Bluetooth from the device is turned on. Then check to make sure if the volume of both source device and the speaker is on. If Bluetooth settings are turned on and volume is up, there is a possibility that Bluetooth of either speaker or source device is faulty. Consider contacting the manufacturer of both speaker and source device to repair Bluetooth.

Button on the speaker either stick in place or do not register the press.

A small buildup of dirt or other residue within the buttons. To get rid of the dirt or the sticky residue, take a cloth and dampen a small area with rubbing alcohol. Wipe the interface of the speaker and be sure to wipe off any residue in between buttons and on the buttons.

The buttons are damaged or broken and does not register being pressed. Please see the replacement guide, Button Replacement Guide.

All connections are properly made yet there is no audio coming from the speaker.

Be sure to check if the volume is turned on by turning the dial to the right.

Visible damage to auxiliary chord may affect audio input or may not register the input and the light will not be lighting solid blue. The solution would be replacing the chord. If this does not help, see Broken Auxiliary Port.

Listening through USB or CD, the LED light should be flashing blue continuously. This indicates that the connection is working. If it is and there is still no sound coming out, be sure USB drive is formatted correctly.

If there is physical damage or replacing the chord was not helpful, the port itself may need to be replaced. See the Auxiliary Port Replacement Guide.

It is difficult to make out the sounds while listening to music, or the sounds have a fuzzy/raspy sound

If your sound output is fizzy sounding, then your issue may be poor internal wire speaker connections. To determine if you have poor wire connections you should test the sound quality using different modes.

Example: if your audio is clear through the USB drive, but fuzzy through the AUX cord, then it is likely and AUX issue. If the sound output is fuzzy on all modes, you likely have a wiring or speaker issue.

For fixing faulty wiring, please see the Faulty Wiring Replacement Guide.

If replacing/fixing your wiring connection did not work, it may be time to replace your speaker or subwoofer. To determine which needs replacing, you'll need to listen for the fuzzy output noise. Start with the volume on low, select a mode other than Radio, and play some music. Increase the volume in small increments so the fuzzy sound is distinguishable. Wherever the fuzzy sound is most prominent is where the replacement needs to occur. When you have determined whether the speaker or subwoofer needs replacing please see the Subwoofer Replacement Guide and the Horn Replacement Guide.

There is a short battery life and the speaker turns off after being used for a short amount of time.

Make sure to unplug the computer from the outlet right after speaker is fully charged. Do not keep it charging if it is already fully charged or else this will negatively affect the speaker's battery.

Check to make sure the wire is completely plugged into an outlet and the other end is plugged into the DC 5V charge port, then check to see if the red light is flashing. If it is not flashing, then the cable is faulty. Consider buying a new cable for charging.

If overcharging has occurred to the point where battery life is unusable, then replace battery. See Battery Replacement Guide.

Blue tooh is not paring with my iphone 6 s Axess speakerspbt1034

lepeab - Antwort

I'm getting the same symptom from mine, Also an Iphone 6s, did you find a solution email me at pocphil@

Phil Waters -

I got one of these as a gift, it worked for about 2 weeks, and then it no longer would light up, pair, or work at all. when you plug it in the red light comes on as if it is getting power, then turns off, and nothing. What a piece. Of course, I didn't keep the paperwork, because I am tired of holding onto paperwork for everything I buy as it becomes clutter. So I am stuck with junk

itsmyhappyass - Antwort

This happened to me. I opened the end by taking 4 screws out and tightened up the plastic plugs on the wires and it works again. However I can't get it to pair with my iPhone 7 or iPad Pro.

Peter kraemer -

Hi my axess speaker is fine but the only thing is the dc5v is messed up any answers on how I can get this fixed

psahota0 - Antwort

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