No matter what you try your blackberry won't turn on.

Try charging your battery, if that doesn't work try another charger to see if a broken charger was your issue. If the phone still won't charge you either have a broken Micro-USB port or a dead battery. Order a replacement battery and install it using the installation guide

If your phone makes sound or lights up but the screen still remains black you must have a broken screen. You can check the connection using our screen installation guide and if that doesn't work then you must order a new screen and install it.

If your screen and battery are functioning correctly and your phone still won't turn on it means you have broken motherboard. This can be fixed by ordering a new board and installing it using our motherboard installation guide.

The cell phone either isn't charging to its full potential or is draining too fast.

Sometimes the easiest solution to a dead battery is that the charger is broken and the battery is fine. Try a different charger before ordering a replacement battery.

Over time the battery will lose the ability to hold a charge. If your phone works but your battery won't keep a charge you should order a replacement battery and install it using this guide.

If you tried a new battery and charger then the issue is with your Micro-USB port which is part of the motherboard. In order to charge your phone you must order a new motherboard and install it using this guide.

Your trackball has started skipping or has stopped working entirely.

The most common issue is that the trackball has accumulated dust beneath it. The easiest solution is to rub it firmly against a piece of paper. If that doesn't work you can try cleaning it with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab.

If you tried cleaning your trackball and it still doesn't work than you need to order a replacement trackball and follow the trackball installation guide.

Your keyboard has stopped working up to factory standards.

Sometime dirt or dust can get below the keyboard and ruin the keys ability to spring back. In order to fix this you must disassemble your device and remove the keyboard and clean it with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab.

If cleaning it doesn't work then you need to order a replacement keyboard and follow the installation guide.

There are dead pixels on your screen or it isn't functioning properly.

If the screen is working correctly but has pixels that are stuck one color and won't change then you have dead pixels. You can try and fix this by applying pressure to the area where the dead pixel is while your phone is off and then turning it back on. If that doesn't work than you need to replace the screen.

If your screen is malfunctioning then you should disassemble your phone and check the connection. If that doesn't fix it than you need to order a replacement one and install it using our installation guide.

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