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The saw will not power up or show signs of life

Make sure the cord is plugged into a working outlet. If the cord is cut or damaged then you can simply fix it by following our free guide here.

Each circuit has a breaker that lowers the risk of electric shock. From time to time the breakers will trigger and shut off a circuit. To reset the circuit, you have to find the breaker box and identify the breaker that popped. Normally you just need to find the one in the OFF position and switch it to the ON position.

If the saw is not responding at all, then the trigger could be broken. In that case you will have to take off the housing of the motor and use a multi-meter to check if the component is broken or not. A guide to testing and replacing your trigger can be found here.

The only way to see if the motor is blown out or broken is to use a multi-meter and check the electrical connection through it. You can follow our guide to replace it here.

The blade falls out of the saw and/or is loose causing cuts to not be straight

Check the blade itself to see if the tang (part that goes into the saw) is chipped, cracked, or broken off. If this is the case, the blade must be replaced.

Check to see that the blade mount is not missing any hardware that would keep it functioning properly. If so, replace the hardware. If that is not the problem, the blade mount most likely needs replacing. A guide to replacement can be found here

When changing the Smart Select dial to cut different materials, the blade speed does not change.

First, check to make sure that the Smart Select dial feels firm and like it is engaged. If it isn't, make sure it is firmly in place. If it is firmly in place, the entire Smart Select dial probably needs replacing.

The metal plate sitting on the bottom of the device is loose or has fallen off.

Check to see if the shoe plate bevel lever is pushed away from the saw.

If the shoe plate bevel lever is pushed away from the saw and the shoe plate still is loose, the shoe plate needs to be replaced. the guide can be found here

"The Saw vibrates too much or makes weird noises"

The most common fix to a noisy device is that it needs grease on the gearbox. A guide to getting to the gearbox can be found here

Sometimes the gearbox can come loose or can be knocked out of alignment. This is the normal cause for a vibrating device. A guide to taking out the gearbox can be found here

If the motor is engaged but the saw will not work. Then the gearbox may be the problem. a guide to replacing it can be found here

blade will not release and come out

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