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Bose SoundLink III Troubleshooting

This device was released February 2014 and has the model number 369946-1300.

I want to turn on my Bose SoundLink III, but it won't turn on.

Perform a check to see if the device will power on when running on AC power (plugged directly into wall).

If the issue persists when using AC power, the problem may either be with the charging port and cable or the speaker's motherboard. If you would like to replace your charging port, please visit the following repair guide.

If the issue is mainly occurring when running on battery power, the battery may be in protection mode or discharged. To resolve this, plug into AC power to restore to operational mode.

The device is on, but will not pair with Bose SoundLink III.

You must ensure that the speaker is discoverable. This is indicated when the indicator light blinks blue.

  • Clear all pairing history from your speaker by holding the Bluetooth button for 10 seconds until you hear a tone.
  • Clear pairing history of the speaker from your Bluetooth-connected device.
  • If the issue persists, try performing a factory reset of the speaker by holding the mute button for 10 seconds until LED lights flash.

The device does not work when not plugged in.

  • The battery status icon still blinks yellow after ten hours of charging.
  • The operating battery life noticeably drops.
  • If you notice that problems concerning battery life aren't resolved by the above steps (in addition to trying a new charging cable), your charging port may be damaged.
  • You should inspect the charging port, making note of any dust or debris clogging it.
  • Also, if you notice the port seems warped, loose, or damaged in any way you may need to replace it in order to begin charging your speaker's battery again.

The sound quality of the speaker has deteriorated.

Check if the issue is from poor Bluetooth connection. This can be tested by plugging an auxiliary cord into the device. If the sound quality is satisfactory with the auxiliary cord, there may be a problem with the Bluetooth connection.

You may need to move the paired device closer to the speaker. If the issue persists, then the problem is not with the range.

Try disabling the Wi-Fi on your device and closing excess running apps, and then test the sound quality.

If the issue persists when using auxiliary cord, the issue may either be with the auxiliary port or the cable.

If the sound is distorted, try lowering the volume on your device and raising it on the speaker.

If the problem persists after checking all of the above points, you may need to replace one or more of your speakers. For help with replacement please visit the following guides: Bass Speaker Replacement and Treble Speakers Replacement

Thank you, it worked perfectly on my SoundLink 3! I didn't even have to clear the pairing history from my iPhone 7 Plus! Glad it happened now rather than on a trip somewhere. Now I'm prepared!

Thanks, Tony.

Antonio Ortiz - Antwort

Thanks a million for your advice.... It worked!!! I'm SO happy :-) Thank you guys!!!!!!

Andrea Arroyo Garzón - Antwort

I have tri d everything and it still dosn’t Work. It was completely charged this morning and usually lasts all day but turned off on its own after only 3 hours. Now I can’t turn it back on. I plugged it in and no lights appear. The power button does not work, even after I hold the mute button longer than 10 seconds. I have checked the charging port and it appears fine and unobstructed. What should I do next? Thank you

Em23 - Antwort

I have the exact same thing happening. Only had this 8 months and the battery wont hold a charge, then on to it wont turn on at all. Is it because Bose is making these out of Mexico that there are so many issues with these? I wouldn't expect to pay so much to get such an unreliable product that $@$** the bed after 8 months.

I have bought Bose speakers for 22 years now but am strongly reconsidering that for all of my audio needs from here on in if this isn't properly resolved. I am military and word of mouth working with so many people travels fast. This speaker has let me down lots of times in front of lots of people at several functions. I would expect this from a entry level speaker, not Bose

Chris Stevens - Antwort

My speaker has died and won’t recharge. I have tried a different charger but there is no sign of life. This is after less than 2 years usage.

Any ideas????

rogerson.fosse - Antwort

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