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Printing blank pages ¶ 

Wrong ink cartridge inserted ¶ 

Ensure that the correct ink cartridge is being used for the specific printer.

Ink cartridge out of ink ¶ 

Remove the the specified ink cartridge from the ink cartridge carrier, replace empty cartridge with new cartridge.

Paper jam during printing ¶ 

Wrong amount of paper in rear paper tray ¶ 

Too much or not enough paper can cause the printer to grab more than one sheet of paper. Remove paper jam and trying printing.

By removing some of the paper from the rear paper tray, or adding a few more sheets, this problem will likely resolve itself.

Paper feed roller is dirty ¶ 

The feed roller accumulates dirt over time and will cause a paper jam if dirt builds up on the roller.

Poor document scan quality ¶ 

Document placement ¶ 

Document is placed in the wrong orientation, scan results in rotated document. Reorient document to proper orientation.

Proper placement of a document on the scanner bed is having the upper right hand corner of the document where the arrow is on the scan bed(located in the upper left hand corner).

Scan bed is dirty ¶ 

Poor quality scan results from dirty platen glass in the scan bed. Cleaning the scan bed is required.

Poor print quality ¶ 

Low ink ¶ 

Ink is running low, there isn't enough ink to supply the print head nozzle resulting in faded or streaky printing.

Reference the Ink cartridge replacement guide on how to replace your empty cartridge with a new one.

Print head nozzle clogged ¶ 

Blotting or streaking is a result of the print head nozzle being clogged. Over time dirt and dry ink builds up in the print head nozzle.

Reference the Ink nozzle cleaning guide to clean the print head nozzle.

Computer won't recognize printer ¶ 

No power to printer ¶ 

Ensure that the printer power cord is plugged into an outlet as well as the power cord slot on the printer.

Reference the Power guide to ensure the printer is plugged in.

Software not installed on computer ¶ 

Ensure that the correct software is installed onto the computer. If already installed ensure that the most updated version is installed.

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