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No matter what you do, you can't get your camera to turn on

If your camera will not turn on the most likely reason is that your batteries are drained or bad. Try replacing the batteries.

The camera will turn on but the zoom lens will not extend properly.

If your camera was interrupted while powering on or off it may not have been able to properly extend or retract. Check that your batteriesare secure and not drained/bad and try restarting your camera.

Physical trauma to the camera can cause damage to the zoom lens ring, preventing extension of the zoom lens. Zoom lens ring damage is very common. Try replacing the zoom lens ring.

The battery door will not close or will not stay closed.

If the battery door of the camera will not close or will not stay closed it may be damaged. Check that the door is free of debris and that there is nothing obstructing it. If the battery door still will not close or stay closed try replacing the battery door.

The camera is physically unable to take a photo or the camera will take a photo but is unable to save it and/or an error message is produced.

If your camera will not save a photo and/or an error message is produced your memory card may be full. If the memory card is full you can delete images or replace the memory card.

If your camera is unable to save images and/or an error message is produced your memory card may be damaged and need to be replaced.

The memory card may be in the locked position. Check to make sure the switch on the memory card is not is the locked position.

If you are pressing on the trigger button but the camera will not take a photo, the shutter button may be jammed or damaged. Check for debris or try replacing the trigger button.

The LCD screen is black or not properly displaying images.

The LCD screen may be damaged and unable to display images. Try replacing the LCD screen.

When taking a video the picture won’t show when playing it on my laptop with the memory card

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