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Canon PowerShot A80 Troubleshooting

The display does not work

LCD screen won't turn on

The electronic visual of the camera stays black. This can be a result of dust and dirt build up that gets in the way of the electronics. Disassembling and cleaning might help. Refer to the LCD screen repair guide.

Screen is discolored

If the display has a pink, purple or reddish hue, the CCD may be broken. If this CCD has been recalled by Canon, the camera can be sent to the company to be fixed also.

Camera won't turn on

Power button is not pressed

After pressing the power button the camera will not turn on. Make sure to hold the power button for a few seconds to turn the camera on or off. A quick press and release will not work.

The CF cover or the battery cover is not closed

Even when holding the power button the camera still does not turn on. The covers to the camera are not all closed. Make sure to properly close the CF and battery cover in order for it to function properly. The battery cover will make sure that charge is flowing from the batteries to the camera.

The batteries are in the incorrect direction

The camera continues not to function. Check that the alignment of the batteries is correct (positive to positive, negative to negative), charge can only flow in one direction in a battery. If that doesn't work, remove all batteries, wait a minute, reinsert batteries correctly and reconnect the adapter.

Internal Battery

If you tried all the above and believe the problem lies within the internal battery, refer to the Internal battery repair guide to remove and replace it.

Lens will not move

Dirty Lens

Unclear or blurry images can be caused by a dirty lens. Make sure the lens is clean, wipe lens with a microfiber/soft cloth.

Lens retraction and extension problems

If there is an "E-18 error," this refers to the camera lens not retracting completely and the display reads E18 in the lower left corner. Blow out any materials that are obstructing lens retraction/extension with compressed air. Refer to the Lens repair guide.

Flash won't discharge

If the flash does not work, make sure the flash settings are on. It is not likely that the flash bulb will burn out, allow a few seconds to pass for the capacitor to charge the flash bulb and cool down as well. If you need to get to the flash assembly, refer to the Flash Assembly repair guide.

Flash setting is off

The flash does not go off after a picture is taken. Make sure the flash setting in the menu is turned on. If it is turned off or on automatic setting, the flash may not work. Change the setting of the camera to flash.

Flash bulb overheated

Even when the setting is on flash mode it does not flash. If the flash is used repetitively within a short span of time, it may become overheated. Give the bulb time to cool down before taking the another picture.

No Sound

If no sound comes from the camera. First, make sure sound settings are turned on. If problem persists, speakers may have to be replaced. Please see our speaker replacement guide for further instruction.

The sound setting is turned off

Make sure the sound setting in the menu is turned on. If it is turned off the sound will not be heard.

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