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Canon PowerShot SX280 HS Troubleshooting

What type of memory card does the Canon SX280 HS operate with? ¶ 

The DS Card must be inserted properly. Do not force the SD Card into the slot.

It is capable of using all standard SD Card. ¶ 

Why will the flash not open? ¶ 

When the flash does not appear then there are three possibilities.

1). The flash was blocked by a digit when the camera was powered on. ¶ 

2). The battery is not carrying enough charge power to extend the flash up. ¶ 

3). The flash setting is turned off. ¶ 

Photos will not save to camera's internal memory or memory SD card ¶ 

Make sure the proper memory card is inserted fully, facing the correct way and locked into place. ¶ 

How to dislodge stuck lens shutters? ¶ 

The battery may not have enough charged power to open shutters.Also there may be dirt and sand particles in between the shutters. ¶ 

Why won’t the camera take a focused picture? ¶ 

The settings may be altered. Make sure to turn dial to the auto setting. ¶ 

The LCD monitor will not display an image ¶ 

Check the battery power, if not the back light may be dimmed, or the screen in damaged. ¶ 

My lens is stuck open a little sliver and camera will not turn on. What can I do?

Cherryl Lowry - Antwort

My camera’s screen isn’t turning on but the lense will open and when I hit the shutter it will make the noise like it is taking a photo

Mister D - Antwort

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