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Device Doesn't Turn On ¶ 

Dead battery ¶ 

The phone's battery may be dead. Connect phone to a charger for about 2.5 hours, then attempt to turn on.

Fried Battery ¶ 

After charging the phone and finding the phone still won't turn on, follow our Battery Replacement Guide. The battery might need to be replaced.

Battery Life Tips

  • Clean out the battery connectors with a microfiber cloth to remove dust/buildup.
  • The phone takes 2.5 hours to fully charge, make sure not to charge too long to avoid over charging.
  • Interruption of a charge will not damage the battery.
  • Turn it off -- phones need rest too!

Unresponsive Keypad ¶ 

Broken and/or dirty buttons ¶ 

The keypad buttons may be dirty, loose, or need replacement. If there are issues with the keypad buttons, you can choose to disassemble your Sony Ericsson device in order to examine the keypad.

Motherboard malfunction ¶ 

If the keypad is not responsive before you follow the guide, there is an issue with the motherboard. See the motherboard repair guide to replace.

Cracked outer screen ¶ 

This one's easy:

a. Purchase a W890 Front Cover

b. See our front panel screen installation guide

Silent Internal speaker ¶ 

Hardware damage ¶ 

To examine the internal speaker (speaker heard when normally talking on the phone) for damage, use our speaker guide to reach both the speaker and camera utilities. Once you reach the speaker and camera, you can determine if replacement is necessary.

Blurry Pictures ¶ 

Scratched lens ¶ 

Internal lens damage is probable. You may need to examine and replace the camera using our Speaker and Camera guide.

Phone working slowly/lacking memory ¶ 

Too much data stored on phone ¶ 

Try one of the following resets to clear up some space:

Reset Settings- any changes made to settings will be deleted

Reset All- in addition to deletion of settings, all contacts, messages, personal data, and content that you have downloaded, received or edited will also be deleted.

To reset the phone:

1. Select Menu > Settings > the General Tab > Master Reset

2. Select chosen option.

3. Follow the subsequent prompts.

For more in-depth operating information ¶ 

See source of troubleshooting information: SONY Ericsson W890 Userguide pdf.

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