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Dieses Wiki wurde von einem der Studenten unseres Bildungsprogramms erstellt. Es wurde nicht von iFixit Mitarbeitern überprüft.

Device Will Not Turn On

No matter what you do, you can't get your LabelManager to turn on.

Power button

Make sure to press and hold the power button to turn the device on.

Drained/bad battery

If your LabelManager won't turn on, you may have a drained battery. Simply charge or replace the battery pack.

Bad display

It is possible that nothing appears to be happening because the display is bad. If your LabelManager prints fine but you don’t see anything, it is possible the display is damaged and needs to be replaced. Click here to go to the replacement guide.

Label Will Not Print

No matter what you do, the labels won’t print.

Cassette isn’t properly inserted

If your LabelManager won’t print, make sure the label cassette is correctly inserted. Open the cartridge compartment and check the cassette.

Cassette is empty

If your LabelManager isn’t printing but the cassette is properly inserted, check label cassette to see if it is empty. If it is, the cassette needs to be replaced.

Cassette is jammed

Check label cassette to see if it is jammed. If it is, remove the jam by taking out the cassette and make sure the label passes smoothly before inserting.

Printhead is dirty

It is possible that the printhead is dirty and needs to be cleaned with a special brush that comes in the packaging or a cotton swab. Take it and brush off the dirt on the printhead.

Faulty Keys

The keys don’t seem to be working properly. The letters aren’t typing smoothly.

Something liquid substance spilled on it

The keys are sticking and needs to be replaced or thoroughly cleaned. Please follow this link to a guide for replacing the keyboard.

Letters are hard to press when trying to type

The keys take more force to push then it should and needs to be checked. The keys are most likely being obstructed or broken and needs to be looked into. Please follow this link to a guide for replacing the keyboard .

Software Will Not Install Properly

When you try to install the computer software, you receive an error message, or the software seems to install correctly but doesn’t function correctly.

You don’t have necessary system requirements

The system doesn't have the necessary requirements needed for the additional software. Check the website to find out which of the requirements your computer doesn’t have.

Software isn’t installed correctly

If the software installs but doesn’t function correctly, uninstall and reinstall the software again. If is still doesn't work, call tech support.

Label Not Cutting Correctly

When cutting the labels, it doesn’t come out straight.

Blade is dirty

Properly clean blade from time to time to maintain its good condition. You can use the brush provided in the device box.

Blade is broken

The blade could be chipped or dented. If this is the case then you might want to send the device back to the Dymo company where they would repair the cutter for you.

the label comes out black with light grey letters. It is as if the machine is printing in a negative image mode.

Richard Simmons - Antwort

My machine won’t feed the paper, nothing is blocking it. The cartridge is brand new.

Alexandra Hawley - Antwort

If I pull the label out as it’s printing it will work, but it won’t feed the paper on its own!

Alexandra Hawley - Antwort

I put in the battery and it just flashes “flash".

Steven McConaughy - Antwort

Mine has an Azerty keyboard but works as a Qwerty one.

Mickael Lacherez - Antwort

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