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HP Pavilion tx2500 Troubleshooting

The HP Pavilion tx2500 can be used like a tablet and is great for watching movies on and taking notes. The light weight design makes it easy to carry and store anywhere. Troubleshooting this device may seem difficult, however; we have made it as easy as possible to follow along. Released in August of 2008, 250 gb with a 10 megapixel webcam.

Laptop won't turn on

No matter what I do, I cannot get my laptop to turn on.

Power switch isn’t turned on

Before taking apart the laptop, check to make sure the power switch is on. If you hold the power button down and the laptop screen still appears blank, read on to observe other issues.

Drained/bad battery

When the laptop fails to turn on, the battery may be drained. Plug in the charger and allow the laptop to charge for at least half an hour. If the problem persists, the battery may be defective and a new battery may be required. Refer to our battery replacement page to see how to replace your battery.

Laptop keeps overheating

After using my laptop for a couple minutes it gets very hot.

Vents are dirty

If the vents/fans are dirty and have accumulated too much dust, this could be the cause of restricted air flow. Cleaning out the vents should do the trick. Turn the laptop upside-down and identify the fan and vents. Unscrew the fan and vent doors and clean with a can of compressed air.

Blocked fan

If your laptop is overheating, you might be blocking the fan vent. Move anything out of the way that could be obstructing air circulation.

Too much Data

Once you have cleaned the vents and checked to make sure the fan isn’t blocked and the laptop is still overheating, you may have an issue relating to too much data on the computer. You may want to go through the files and see which are holding the most data and decide which you want to get rid of and/or spare.

Bad Fan

If you have made sure nothing is blocking the vent, the vents are cleaned, and cleared your computer of too much data, the problem may lie with the fan. It is possible the laptop is overheating because the fan is bad and must be replaced. Click here to go to our fan replacement page.

Screen will not move

When I try to turn my screen it does not move.

Blocking screen

If objects are in the way for your computer the screen can not open or rotate.


When you have moved objects out of the way and your screen is still not moving, make sure to clean any debris that you see on/around the computer's screen.

Rotator Jammed

If you have moved any object that could be obstructing the screen movement and there is still an issue, the problem may be with the rotator. Click here to learn how to replace your screen rotator.

CD/DVD tray will not open

No matter what I do, the CD/DVD Tray won’t open.

Emergency eject button

Before you do anything, make sure there is an emergency eject button available. If you haven’t used the CD tray recently, it may just be stuck.

Optical drive release latch is not flipped

If the CD/DVD tray will not open, it could be that the latch has not been flipped. On the bottom of the laptop, near the CD/DVD tray is a latch that releases the tray from the optical housing. If neither of these work, click here to go to our Optical Drive replacement page.

ExpressCard will not stay in housing

When I try to put my remote in the bezel on the side of the computer it won’t stay in.

Blocked bezel

If your ExpressCard won't stay in housing, check for any debris inside the port blocking the remote from entering.

Broken bezel

The ExpressCard will not stay and you have checked for debris inside of the housing, your bezel might be broken. Click here to go to our bezel disassembly page.

my hp Pavillion tx2500 won't charge. I've yakenjoyed out the battery and plugged it in and still nothing…help

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