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HTC SMT 6175 Troubleshooting

Phone Won't Turn On

Battery Not Charged

If the phone is not plugged in and the phone will not turn on, before opening the whole phone up, try plugging in the phone to see if the battery died and needs to be charged.

Battery Won't Hold A Charge

If the phone turns on when the device is plugged in, but won't charge and stay on without being plugged in, there is something wrong with the phone's battery, look at how to replace the battery.

Key's Don't work

Broken Keyboard

If a key has popped out or is broken, the keyboard needs to be replaced. See the repair guide for replacing the keyboard.

Broken Navigation Keys

If the keys used to navigate the phone are broken, follow the repair guide for replacing the keyboard to replace the navigation keys.

Motherboard Doesn't Register Keys

When a key is pressed and you receive the response of another key or no response at all there is something wrong with the motherboard. This might be due to a bad connection between the keys and the motherboard. Most likely the motherboard will need to be replaced.

Ear Speakers Won't Work

Broken Speakers

If you are not able to hear anything, for example, someone's voice of over the phone, the speakers may be broken. Most likely the speakers will need to be replaced.

Screen Disoriented

There Is A Crack In The Screen

If there is a line on the screen or part of the screen turns discolored, there is probably a crack on the screen and the screen needs to be replaced.

The Backlight Went Out

If the phone screen is extremely dark, but you can tell that there is still something on the screen, the backlight is out. For the backlight to be replaced, the LCD needs to be replaced.

Phone is Frozen

Broken Motherboard

If the phone turns on and does not respond, it has probably frozen and can most likely be because of a bad motherboard that might need replacing. First try turning it off, or taking out the battery to force it off. Then restart it, if it still isn't responsive, the motherboard needs replacing.

Corrupt Data

Faulty Motherboard

If you are incapable to find specific data (i.e. contacts, photos, etc), and after re-entering the information the phone persists omitting the data, the phone might have deleted the data due to a faulty hard drive on the motherboard that needs to be replaced. If you attempt to open a file and data comes up as corrupt or incomplete, this also is due to a faulty hard drive, so the motherboard needs to be replaced.

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