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Hisense Sero 8 Troubleshooting

Identified by model number E2281. WIFI and Bluetooth enabled.

The tablet will not turn on when pressing the power button.

The battery may charge and hold a charge, but if the power button is defective, it will not power on. Press the power button more firmly. If the device does turn on, the power button may be loose; if it does not, the power button could be broken.

The device will not turn on if it cannot hold a charge. This could mean the battery is dead or broken. Try to charge the battery. If the device still won’t turn on, or if it cannot hold a charge, the battery may need to be replaced. Follow this guide to replace the battery.

The device may charge and hold a charge, but if the panel is broken, the screen won’t turn on. If so, try to replace the screen.

When I am pressing the buttons on my tablet, nothing is happening.

The buttons might be damaged or jammed, which would prevent the tablet from recognizing button commands. To fix this, you either need to unjam the buttons or replace the button pads.

My device is not charging even when I've had it plugged in all day.

When attempting to charge your device, make sure the charging cable is properly inserted into the the charging port of the tablet as well as the wall outlet. If your charger is properly plugged in and it still is not working, the problem may lie with the power outlet not functioning.

Try plugging the tablet into the USB charger. If the LED charging light does not blink, there may be a possibility of a defunct light. If the tablet is not charging, try using a different charger.

Try plugging the tablet into the USB charger. If the LED charging light does not blink, there may be a possibility of a defunct light. If the tablet does not charge, try wiggling the connector. If the tablet continues to not charge or only charges when the chord is held in a specific position, then you need to repair the USB port.

If you are having trouble fitting the charger into the USB port, you may need to remove the connector and check if there is any debris in the port. If so, then clean out the port and try connecting the charger again. If the charger still does not fit, there is another underlying issue. Use this guide to replace the charging port.

When playing music, no sound is coming out even when the volume is turned up all the way.

Make certain that the device is not in silent mode. By pressing the volume buttons on the top of the tablet or going into the settings menu, the volume can be modified.

Ensure the protective case does not block the speakers.

Debris around the speaker areas can cause a distorted sound. If any exists, clean it and listen for a clearer sound quality.

Connect the headphones to the device. Make sure the volume is on and play any kind of audio from the device. While connected, the audio should play from the headphones. If no sound is made from the speakers when the headphones are disconnected, the speakers are probably broken. If you need to replace the speaker then follow this guide.

My device is running slow.

If your device is running slow it could be due to having too many applications running. This will cause your device to perform much slower. This can be fixed by closing your applications as you are finished using them.

An anti-malware program can be downloaded to detect if your device has a virus. If it finds a virus, then the program will give a procedure to fix it. If this doesn’t help, then googling the particular virus will likely provide information for further action.

good day any body can help me may hisense phone when i turn on this message appears "unfortunately,set up wizard has stopped " what should i do thanks

benigno pajarillo - Antwort

My tablet will not hold a charge but for 30 minutes and it's overheating what should I do

sabrinashannon71 - Antwort

I purchased my tablet last year . It will not stay charged, so I have to keep it plugged in at all times. Now I can be in the middle of something and it just powers down. The other day I was having trouble with one of my games I play, so I uninstalled it, like before. Now it's not letting me download it again, saying my device isn't supported with Google play. I don't understand, cause I had Google play on this before. What happened to it? How do I download Google play? Thus is driving me nuts. I know I will never buy this brand again.

Crystal Trail - Antwort

You need to reset to factory and it will bring back your google play. I went threw it now its stays on the smart page wont let me on. It has locked me out . Ive had nothing but trouble with it

Lisa Kingsland -

Nothing happens. I can't even type to post on the tablet to say what's wrong with it.

mijaressandra - Antwort

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