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JAMBOX has trouble connecting to your phone over Bluetooth or can't play audio over Bluetooth connection.

If you phone can see the MINI JAMBOX as a nearby Bluetooth device but can not "Pair" to it, you are likely experiencing a software issue. The most common solution for this problem is performing a Bluetooth Reset or a Software Update. This repair does not require you to dismantle your device.

Even if nothing is plugged into the auxiliary port, your MINI JAMBOX may think it has an auxiliary cord plugged in. The MINI JAMBOX gives the physical auxiliary connection priority over the wireless Bluetooth connection. Basically, the JAMBOX is trying to play music through the non-existent auxiliary cord. In order to fix this, you will need to clean the auxiliary port. Refer to the "The port is blocked" guide below. If that doesn't fix it, you will need to replace the auxiliary port.

If no other solutions work, the MINI JAMBOX’s motherboard may have failed. If this is true, the JAMBOX will not be able to pair over Bluetooth at all. You will need to completely open your device and replace the motherboard. WARNING: replacing the motherboard involves desoldering it from the grounding plug. This can be very difficult and may potentially harm your device.

JAMBOX can't play music over wired auxiliary (headphone) connection.

If the music cuts in and out when the cable is moved, then the auxiliary cable could be defective. Check the auxiliary cable for cuts and frays or try using another cable. If the problem still occurs, the auxiliary port is likely blocked or damaged.

Check the auxiliary port for any blockage. If there is any debris inside, this could prevent the auxiliary cable from connecting to the MINI JAMBOX. Unplug the auxiliary cord, turn off your JAMBOX, and try removing the blockage using small tweezers or computer duster. CAUTION: if you are not gentle, the tweezers could permanently damage the auxiliary port

The port could have suffered some form of damage and can not be salvaged. As a last resort, you can replace the auxiliary port.

Even after charging, the devise is unresponsive or the device is dying very quickly

Be sure the charging cable is well connected to both the MINI JAMBOX's micro-USB port and the wall socket or computer. Note that some computers must be powered on in order to charge through the USB port.

The cable that connects the MINI JAMBOX to the USB port could be broken or worn out. Double check the ends for wear and tear. Try charging the MINI JAMBOX with a different micro-USB cable.

Lithium Ion batteries have a limited lifespan. If your MINI JAMBOX has been through a high amount of charge/discharge cycles, the battery may be deteriorating. In order to fix this problem, you must replace the battery. This is a complex process and should only be attempted if the issue is making the device unusable. WARNING: battery removal may result in further damage.

Music played through speakers sounds distorted or wrong.

The audio drivers on the MINI JAMBOX could be outdated or corrupt. An easy solution is performing a software update.

Test where the issue is by trying to play music through auxiliary input. If music can be played through auxiliary, but not Bluetooth connection, see “Bluetooth not connecting” section.

Distorted sound, especially at high volumes, is indicative of a blown speaker. This can occur from overheating or overuse. If you are confident that the speakers are blown out, you may try to replace them. WARNING: replacing the speakers is a complex process and may result in further damage to the speaker.

The battery may be low in charge or may have no charge at all. See “Poor battery life” section.

Buttons are sticky and do not perform their desired function when pressed.

Try to clean the button surface with a q-tip and some rubbing alcohol. It may help to scoop out any dust around the button edges with a toothpick. Be careful not to let any debris get inside the device while you clean it.

If the button(s) are still unresponsive after a surface cleaning, you will need to clear the internal debris. If the side buttons (power and Bluetooth pairing) are jammed up, use the cleaning guide here. If your top buttons (play/pause, volume down, and volume up) are jammed up, use the cleaning guide here.

Your cleaning guide link is dead

jistjak - Antwort

I think there might be something wrong with mine. I just bought it "slightly used". It works fine, except when I pull out the power cord, the red light ring around the power button is lit all the time even with it powered off. Any ideas?

jonjonwinn - Antwort

My volume is suddenly very low. I can no longer adjust it. The speaker worked just fine two days ago. Any suggestions?

Rick Murphy - Antwort

I own a mini jambox and it's not been working for a couple of months. I tried to reset but unable to do so. It's been charging for over 2 hours and the light remains aa blinking red. Once I unplug it dies. I have checked the USB connection and its working. It also does not talk back to me to indicate it is charging.

Pedro Rivera - Antwort

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