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Phone won't turn on

Normally you need to press and hold the power button for at least 3 seconds to turn the phone on. If you can't get your phone to turn on, it might be caused by one of the following reasons:

Drained/bad battery

First, try charging the cell phone. It is a good idea to charge the cell phone on a charger that is known to work (i.e. one that works while charging another phone) so that you can be sure the charger is not the problem. If the phone does not charge, the battery might need to be replaced. You can buy another battery from eBay or Amazon for a reasonable price. You can follow the steps here to replace the battery.

Bad display

It is possible that nothing is showing on the screen because the display is malfunctioning. Follow our repair guide to replace the screen: LG Dare Screen Replacement

Bad software or logic board

If the LG/Verizon logo switches on and off but the phone won't boot up completely, the problem is most likely caused by software errors. You will need to take your phone to Verizon to have them fix it. If there are other problems related to booting the device that's not listed, those problems might lie within the logic board. In this case, replacing the logic board is necessary. To remove and replace the logic board, go to LG Dare Logic Board Installation for instructions.

Forgot lock code

If you forgot your lock code, dial *22899 and this will reset your lock code back to the last four digits of your phone number.

Frozen screen

If the screen is frozen and it will not turn off when you press and hold the power button, remove the battery and leave it out for a minute, then re-insert it and turn the phone back on. This will not cause any type of data loss or corruption. Here is an example of a frozen screen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEhTxnmN1...

Touch screen not working

If the screen is not responding to your "touch" but the physical buttons (power/volume control/lock/etc.) are still working, it is possible that the digitizer of the phone is not functioning. This is a very common issue for the LG Dare. Replacing the digitizer will solve this problem. Look at LG Dare Digitizer Replacement to replace the digitizer.

Cannot hear people or they cannot hear you

If you cannot hear anything when placing a call, your earpiece may be broken.

If peope cannot hear you when placing a call, your earpiece may be broken.

Broken earpiece

If all other aspects of the phone still appear to be functioning but there is no sound from the phone's ear speaker then either the earpiece lost contact to the logic board, or a failure of the ear speaker itself has occured. If reconnecting the speaker's connector doesn't fix the problem, the speaker unit will likely have to be replaced. Check out the earpiece installation guide: LG Dare Earpiece Replacement

Broken Microphone

If all other aspects of the phone still appear to be functioning but you can't be heard over the phone, it may be due to a faulty microphone. Try the record function. If no sound can be recorded, it is likely the microphone unit will have to be replaced.

More infomation

Read our LG Dare Device Page for more information.

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