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LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Troubleshooting

Released July 2015, identified by model number 31565.

LeapPad Platinum won't turn on ¶ 

The LeapPad Platinum does not power on after pressing the power button or freezes during booting.

Drained/bad battery ¶ 

Be sure to have the LeapPad plugged into a power source prior to turning it on. If the device turns on, check the battery charge icon on the screen to determine if the battery needs to be recharged. If the battery is not able to hold a charge, you may need to replace it (check out the LeapFrog LeapPad Battery Replacement guide) or keep the LeapPad plugged in when in use.

Missing or corrupted files ¶ 

In some instances the operating system for the device may be missing essential files, preventing the device from functioning beyond the logo screen. Here is how to resolve this issue:

  1. Download and install the LeapFrog Connect application on your computer.
  2. Once the application is installed and launched, power on the LeapPad Platinum by holding down the right D-pad and Home buttons simultaneously. This should boot to a "Connection needed" screen.
  3. Release the buttons. Using the USB cord that came with your LeapPad, plug the device into your computer.
  4. The LeapFrog Connect application will auto-detect and correct any file issues.
  5. Once the application completes its repairs, click on the eject button on LeapFrog Connect and disconnect the LeapPad from your computer.

LeapPad won't connect to WiFi ¶ 

The LeapPad refuses to connect to the Internet.

Bad connection ¶ 

Under Wireless Settings, turn off the On/Off toggle switch at the bottom of the screen and turn it back on. Then try connecting to your network again. Also, limit the number of devices connected to your network. Please note that the LeapPad Platinum is not compatible with public networks, so make sure you are not trying to connect to one.

Communication problems with the router ¶ 

If there is a yellow circle next to your network on the “Wireless Settings” page, that means that your device is communicating with the router but cannot connect. Try moving closer to the router.

If this does not work, reset your router by referring to your router manual and then try connecting to your network. For support on setting up and configuring your router, or for additional tips for connecting your LeapPad to a network, click here.

Touch screen not responding ¶ 

The LeapPad screen won’t respond or is slow to respond to touch.

Dirty screen ¶ 

Clean the screen with a microfiber cloth. If it is still unresponsive, check for crumbs or other debris stuck in the spaces around the screen and gently dislodge them.

Cracked screen ¶ 

A cracked screen will likely need to be replaced. Instructions for replacing the screen can be found at LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Screen Replacement.

Faulty connections ¶ 

If there are no visible signs of damage, the screen may be disconnected from the motherboard. You may be able to repair this by reconnecting any loose cables. Check out the LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Screen Replacement guide for instructions on accessing the screen.

Camera not working ¶ 

You want to capture a picture, but the camera is completely black.

Camera is blocked ¶ 

Make sure nothing is blocking the camera while operating it. Try cleaning the lens with a dry cloth to remove smudges and dust.

Connection damage ¶ 

If the camera is still not working, the internal hardware may be faulty, and you may need to replace the camera in your device.

Buttons not responding ¶ 

You want to return to the homepage or adjust the volume, but the buttons won’t respond.

Stuck buttons ¶ 

If a button is stuck, apply pressure to it at different angles and see if it pops back into place.

Dirty buttons ¶ 

There may be dirt, crumbs, or other debris preventing the buttons from moving. You can easily clean around the power and volume buttons by simply opening up the back of the device. (To access the D-Pad and home buttons, follow the LeapFrog LeapPad Speaker Replacement to remove the speaker components, and those buttons will be located underneath).

Distorted/no audio ¶ 

No matter how hard you push those volume buttons, your LeapPad won't make a sound.

Bad audio jack ¶ 

The audio jack may be dirty. Try cleaning it with an air duster or toothpick. If that doesn't work, you may need to replace it.

Faulty Speaker ¶ 

Your speaker may be going bad. If this is the case, follow the LeapFrog LeapPad Platinum Speaker Replacement guide.

I have a used Leap Pad Platinum and I dont know te password

shanahilewis - Antwort

I couldn't find the answer to this, but maybe someone can help. The area where you plug in the cord to charge is loose on our LeapPad Platinum and is very touchy to get it to charge. Is there a way to fix this problem to make it not be loose? Thanks!

Misti Hauser - Antwort

My daughters pet and music application is gray and when I touch the icon to go the the app the screen turns blank and the audio is acting like its at the main screen. Anyone else have this problem?

angeleyz4u2 - Antwort

Go to and click download under the device that you have. Then go to Leapfrog Connect(what you just downloaded), go to the "Settings" tab and then choose "Repair." It will make all the apps say new, but will save the progress your child has made.

alexaharvell3 -

I'm having the same problem

selenegomez13 -

Same problem I have with the Pet Pad Party App in my leap pad platinum and leap Pad 3

selenegomez13 -

I'm having/had all the same issues with two of my Leap Pad tablet, black screen, greyed apps, turning off by itself...

On one of them, the Leap Search App was grey.

I held down the D pad, home button, and the power button down at the same time. It prompted me to plug into LeapFrog connect. It automatically tuned up the tablet (took about 30-40 minutes). It fixed the Leap Search problem all the apps all say new on them but I haven't really looked around to see if data has been saved.

I'm trying to do the same (as we speak) with the other tablet where Pet Pad Party is greyed out, but I'm having issues staying connected to LeapFrog Connect. The picture on the tablet screen shows the cord flashibg red. I'm on my 3rd attempt and tuning up at 62% now. Hopefully it won't disconnect me and hopefully it will fix the problem. 3rd times a charm, right?!

shannonhumble -

yes! the same thing has happened to my son's leap pad. the icons are turning grey and not responding. it just goes back to the home screen. help please.

arielprincess1974 -

I'm trying to fix my daughters leap search. Of you click on it your directed to a black screen and you can hear the voice commands for picking a profile.

mbarbour98 - Antwort

This is happening to my daughter's leap pad too - I can't get the leap search to work, please assist

Claire Winkelbauer -

Hi. My sons leap pad platinun keeps turning itself off. It has a full battery. Any suggestions please

alimps2 -

Hi my son leap pad platinum keeps turning itself off with a full battery . Any suggestions

alimps2 -

I am having the same black screen with voice commands for picking a profile when we are trying to access the LeapSearch app. So frustrating!

Cassie Stanley - Antwort

Hi everyone can you please help me fix my daughter leap pad platinum? She dropped it ages ago and now it has a flashing screen and can't use it at all!

cookiemonster1976 - Antwort

I have exactly the same issue, all apps turned grey and it just goes back to the home screen when I'm trying to launch any of them.

Michel Bouchard - Antwort

Leappad Platinum won't load up beyond initial splash screen. Have tried solution described above but fails to load the "connection needed" screen. Help!

nicholasrubin - Antwort

Thank you, we had the same issue with the grey icons and did the settings and repair and it worked! :-)

juliaduncan08 - Antwort

Hi . My son platinum leap pad is acting up. If he presses the demo button for his profile (frog holding cards and balloons ) the screen goes black but you can still hear the music.

Anyway I can rectify this . Please help

alimps2 - Antwort

Hello, we literally just opened our daughters Leap pad platinum today (Christmas Day) and as soon as it gets past the logo screen after plugging it in to the wall it goes to an mfg test screen! Please help. I have a little girl who was really looking forward to this!

Alecia - Antwort

Literally just opened my son's and it's doing the exact same thing. It starts to power up and then jumps right to the "mfg Test 3.03.27a K&D-1" black screen. I wish someone knew what the issue was.

Robert -

Did you ever get anywhere with this issue? I am having the exact same problem.

Paul Byrd -

To fix it, you need to select the "special commands" option from the test menu and toggle the mfg test on boot. That fixed it for me.

Jason Marchioni -

Jason, how exactly do you do that?

Paul Byrd -

It was a leap pad 2 glo that I had the same issue with. The test screen had button combinations to run specific tests. I. E. Press vol-up and left. One of the menu items was "special commands" or some variant (can't remember because it's fixed now). After going into that menu there was an option to "toggle mfg test on boot" and after I ran it it said "disabled". I restarted it and it stared normally. From what I can tell this lead pad glo is a refurbished unit that was not fully processed as there were even batteries in it that looked like Duracell but with Asian characters. The platinum for my older daughter worked perfect out the box. The box on the glo was perfectly sealed so it was not a store return. Kind of sucks they come from the factory this way, especially for Christmas.

Jason Marchioni -

Plz help my 2 1/2 year olds leap pad platinum wich is probably at tbe max 5 months old and when i try turning it on it 1st loads leap frog screen and immediately goes to showing an image of platinum connected to computer did it downloaded file for the solution it gave and it'll get to 5% an errors out

Justin Hicks - Antwort

I have a leappad platinum I bought secondhand and it was working fine, suddenly the screen froze and now it just comes up saying connect leappad to computer and download the connect app. I have done it but it still doesn't seem to be working. Anyone elses done this?

Sophie Hewetson - Antwort

Can someone pleasr help me fix my kids leap pad. It got stuck up to system update. It shows it is done because the bar shows it but it wont go any further. Help!

Aimee - Antwort

My son leappad platinum is brand new. Literally jus got a few days ago n he hasnt used it as yet. I try setn it up but it kept sayn unable to set up at this time so I gave it a break n went bk at it later that night to find tht its coming on sayn leap frog but the screen goes blank I can c a little light where the screen is not fully dark but thats as far as that goes!

Tera - Antwort

I bought a used leappad platinum for my daughter from a yard sale, it has a parental lock on it. Is there anyway to reset it completely and start over? It doesn't have the USB cable either please help.

Elizabeth Voong - Antwort

When it asks for 4 digit pin press 196 then backspace then 87

Guadalupe Perez -

I've seriously done everything I can think of to try and set up a pin for my son's LeapPad Platinum and I can't! It won't let me do anything unless I have the pin and there isn't one! Even my leapfrog account says no pin......and it doesn't give me the option to create one nor did it give me the option during setup. I'm really at a loss of what to do

Erin - Antwort

When asked for the 4 digit pin press 196 then backspace then 87

Guadalupe Perez -

how to reset password on leappad platinum, I'm sure its the same for all leap pad devices

all you need to do is connect it to the leap frog connect app and either reset the password from your email account…. Or in my case i had bought a used one that had an email and password already so i used leap frog connect and i was able to change the email by signing into my account and reset the password as well. The password is shown under the parent account next to the device. Im not much on explaining how to do stuff but its possible, just play around with the leap frog connect app and you should be able to figure it out…. you can download that app off

sacred_cowgirl_86 - Antwort

My son's Leappad Platinum screen will freeze and the audio gets stuck. Cant turn it off! Whats causing the issue?

Lisa Castellino - Antwort

The apps wont download off my managed apps

what do i do

finley HOPE - Antwort

er hellooooo

finley HOPE - Antwort

A few apps have stopped working then it went a computer connection needed screen. I plugged it in and as soon as it syncs the leap connect app shuts down and the leap pad platinum stays on the connection needed screen. I uninstalled leap connect and re downloaded the app but it is still doing the same thing?

chloep - Antwort

A few apps have stopped working then it went computer connection needed screen. I plugged it in and as soon as it synced withthe leappad platinum the app shut down. I uninstalled leap connect and reinstalled it and plugged it in again with the same results any suggestions please?

chloep - Antwort

One game I have downloaded, downloaded fine then went on to installing, and got stuck there. It wouldn’t install properly.

Ive tried removing and reinstalling, also done a complete reset and tried again but still the same outcome.

If I go away from the home screen and return, it shows as an exclamation mark .

Anyone have any ideas? It’s a new platinum, planned to gift for Xmas, plenty of memory, other 8 games download fine just not this Peppa Pig (my sons favourite) one.

Ive contacted customer services but they’re about as useful as a chocolate fire guard and keep robbing me off.

Any help gratefully received.

Anthony Pipes - Antwort

Hi I recently purchased the Platinum as a Xmas gift to my son.

I purchased 9 games from the App Store. 8 download fine but the Peppa Pig (my sons favourite) game will not install on the leappad.

It downloads fine as you as you watch on the home screen, then comes to install and seems to get stuck installing. I have left for hours but nothing happens.

If if I leave the home screen and return, it shows as an exclamation mark.

I have removed and re-downloaded several times and have factory reset 3 times all with same result.

Ive contacted customer services but they’re about as useful as a chocolate fire guard.

Can anyone help? There is plenty of memory, this is literally taken out the box to add games before packing for my son for next Monday!

i’m at a loss, any advice gratefully received.


Anthony Pipes - Antwort

How do you reset the parent code if you don't know the code

Bridgette stevens - Antwort

according to above answers you need to “ When asked for the 4 digit pin press 196 then backspace then 87”

Betsy Strahm -

My son’s leapfrog stopped working. It will not turn on despite being plugged over night. There is no sign that it is charging. He has only had it for five months. Is there a place that repairs it or has someone else had this issue?


Gregory King - Antwort

Is there a way to factory reset the leap pad platinum if you do not have access to a computer?

Rachel Blanton - Antwort

Good Afternoon,

My son has had this leapad Platinum for about a year now and has worked perfectly fine. I have today updated everything after 6 months of not playing it and even added a new game for him. Everything was updated and all that jazz but when he tried to play the game, it froze. I then plunged it in for the Fix program to work and it did. However, it has somehow reset everything!? It is going through the Power up-Set up-Register-Download-Play and learn mode actions which is frustrating as i never asked for the pad to be re-set. But all that i can get through expect for one problem…….The pad not being able to select the options to continue o get to the home page?

It recognizes his touch as you can select which WIFI to connect too but it can not select “Join”. Same for “select Age” it will not select an age.

Strange because as far as i can tell the scene touch is working, however the selection of the menus don’t. I can not access anything on his pad until i get past these options., which i cant.

Howard Lewis - Antwort

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