Your device won't turn on or randomly turns off while in use.

If your child has been practicing his/her writing skills a lot on the Leap Frog Scribble & Write, the batteries may be drained. Leaving your toy unused for long periods of time may also cause the batteries to drain. Three AA alkaline batteries are required for this toy. If your batteries are new and the toy still won’t turn on or even randomly turns off while in use, it is likely there has been some type of malfunction with the hardware. You may have to purchase a new toy at this point.

That battery compartment has a polarity diagram (+/-) inside that should be followed when installing new batteries. The flat end of the battery is the negative side (-) and the other end is positive (+). Make sure your batteries are correctly installed or else your toy will not turn on. In addition, make sure the battery compartment is free of any dust, dirt, etc. Please refer to our replacement guide for instructions on how to correctly install batteries and clean the battery compartment.

LeapFrog Scribble & Write is very portable and your child can use it anywhere. This leaves a lot of possibility for the toy to be left out somewhere by your child and exposed to extreme temperatures. For example, leaving your toy in the car when it is too hot or too cold outside. This exposure may lead to damage of your toy’s electrical circuits and can even cause the batteries to lose charge faster.

Nothing at all happens when you write on the screen or the device gives back the wrong response.

This indicates that the power may not be turned on. It could be caused by either dead batteries or the batteries are not installed properly. We offer instructions on how to properly install batteries in our guide.

The top layer of the touch screen is causing the LED to be dimmer than normal. This in turn prohibits the pen’s ability to read the signal. Simply using a clean, moist cloth to wipe the screen, removing any accumulated dirt. Ourreplacement guide can assist you with cleaning your display screen and replacing it, if need be.

If you are experiencing a dimmed display screen, the two pieces of touchscreen film within the toy may need to be cleaned.

Your keyboard is not responding to your touch.

There might be a buildup of dirt in between the buttons and the frame. Carefully, try to clean the surface of the buttons with a very damp towel. If this doesn’t work, remove the frame and clean underneath the frame on the buttons themselves.

The Keyboard connection might be faulty. The plug from the keyboard to the Motherboard might be faulty. Replace the cable from the motherboard to the keyboard.

You cannot clear the writing screen with the slide eraser.

The eraser slider may be physically broken. Whether it is cracked or broken into two, the eraser slider will have to be replaced. Also, if your slider is dirty, we offer a guide to help you with cleaning your eraser slider.

There may be dirt buildup in the track of the slider. Remove the toy's frame and clean the slider and the slider track. Refer to the guide link above for more information on this process.

There might be a foreign object interfering with the eraser slider. Remove the toy's frame and remove the foreign object. Refer to the guide link above for more information on this process.

The sensor that detects the position of the slider might be faulty our not properly aligned. Refer to the guide link above for more information on fixing this issue.

You cannot hear sound from the speaker or sound is distorted.

The volume adjustment for the speaker may be faulty or is simply just turned down. Try moving the volume adjustment upwards to make sure the sound is turned on.

If you are hearing distorted sound, the speaker might be damaged or blown. This could be due to water damage or even just overuse of the toy. In any case, the speaker will have to be removed in order for it to be replaced. We offer a guide on speaker replacement to help you with this process.

If your toy is sounding muffled or distorted, it could be that the batteries are low and need to be replaced. Check out our guide on how to replace them.

Half the screen is showing writing, though other half is not showing up?

Emma Harradine - Antwort

Lower half of display is not staying separated causing any writing to not show up think it is something to do with the springs but cannot solve if anyone else had had this issue a fix/guide would be great

Jason Northcott - Antwort

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