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Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro Troubleshooting

Speakers are not Working ¶ 

No audio regardless of volume settings

Playback Settings Need to be Changed ¶ 

Right-click on the speaker icon on the task bar (usually on the lower left corner). If it is not there click the triangle icon and the speaker icon will be there. After you right-click the speaker, choose Playback devices. Now make sure that the Speaker icon has a green check mark. If it does not, click on the Speaker icon and click Set Default.

Roll Back Realtek High Definition Audio ¶ 

Hit the windows key and type in "Device Manager." Click the triangle for "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers." Right-click "High Definition Audio Device" and click "Properties." Then choose the "Device/Driver" tab and click Roll Back Driver.

Need to Update Drivers ¶ 

Click here and download the update. Once completed, open the file, run the wizard and restart your computer.

Hardware Issue ¶ 

If the previous items did not work, then the issues is most likely the speakers themselves. To see our replacement guide click here.

USB Not Working ¶ 

The USB port is not reading or charging devices

USB Ports Need to be Enabled ¶ 

The settings for the USB ports may have been changed.

To enable the USB ports make sure the computer is off and follow the following steps. Press the button next to power button to access a prompt screen and choose BIOS Setup. Use the arrow keys to proceed to the Boot tab. If the "USB Boot is disabled, enable it. Save the settings and reset the computer.

Bios Requires an Update ¶ 

Click here and download the newest lenovo bios page. Run the wizard and restart your computer.

Hardware Issue ¶ 

The USB hubs maybe damaged and in need of replacement. Click here for our guide to replace the USB hubs.

Computer Will Not Connect to Internet Via Wi-fi After Windows 10 Upgrade ¶ 

Your computer will not connect to available wi-fi networks after updating to Windows 10

Set up a hidden network ¶ 

Setup a hidden open network on your router. Enter the hidden network SSID on your Yoga 3 Pro. Connect to it, and connection problems may be fixed.

Uninstall and reinstall network adapter drivers ¶ 

Connectivity problems can often be fixed simply by reinstalling the network adapter.

1) Go to Control Panel > Device Manager > Network Adapter.

2) Right click on the Wireless adapter and click Uninstall.

3) Restart the laptop and wait for the original drivers to install again.

4) Test the Wifi.

Update Drivers ¶ 

The drivers for the computer may not have been updated. This fix will require another computer and a USB Drive.

Go to Lenovo Page and under "Looking for drivers or software for your machine?" Choose, Networking: Wireless LAN and Windows 10 (64-bit). Click the link and download the fie, make sure to save it onto a USB Device.

Now save that file onto your Lenovo Yoga Pro 3 and run the file. Restart the computer and test the connection.

Screen Registers "Ghost Touch" ¶ 

The computer responds to touches and taps not executed by the user.

Calibrate the Touchscreen ¶ 

Poor calibration may be the source of the problem.

In the start menu search Touch and select'Calibrate the Screen for Pen or Touch Input

Follow the directions prompted to calibrate the screen.

Hardware Issue ¶ 

There might be an internal issue with the sensor to touch pad.

Screen Flickering ¶ 

Screen flickers constantly after updating to Windows 10.

Change Power Settings ¶ 

The Power Saving Technology may need to be disabled.

Hit the windows key and search "Intel HD Graphics Control Panel". Go to Power then Battery. Disable the Power Saving Technology.

Bios Requires an Update ¶ 

Click here and download the newest lenovo bios page. Run the wizard and restart your computer.

Headphones Not Detected ¶ 

Notebook does not recognize devices plugged into the audio jack.

Run hardware and devices troubleshooter. ¶ 

1) Press “Windows Key + R”, type Control Panel.

2) Type “Troubleshooting” in the Search box and hit enter.

3) Select “Hardware and Sound” from the Troubleshooter Window.

4) Select “Hardware”.

5) Follow the On Screen instructions.

Change Playback Settings ¶ 

1) Go to Control Panel/Sounds.

2) Click on playback tab.

3) Right click on speaker tab and make sure you have checked “Show disconnected devices” and “show disabled devices”.

4) Click on Apply and OK.

Cannot see how I can fix audio jack recognition.headphones work but audio jack does not.going round in circles on lenovo forums and other link for fix.os android not familiar with for hardware access on tablet.settings limited to alter anything.

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