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Nerf Gun Won't Fire Nerf Darts ¶ 

Chambers aren't getting enough air pressure ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get your Nerf Bow to work properly.

Make sure you’re pushing your Nerf darts completely into the chambers, and they’re not loose. If the darts can't be pushed in completely, then make sure there are no item(s) or missing gum obstructing the chambers. If there is, simply remove and try again.

Foam Darts not manufactured by Nerf may not be compatible ¶ 

Sometimes a simple check that you bought the right darts is helpful, and that they were made to fit in the Nerf gun you have. It doesn't hurt to check that nothing is in the holes of your darts.

Cocking device is not cocking ¶ 

The cocking mechanism is not being pulled back far enough ¶ 

Before delving into the guts of your Nerf gun, make sure the cocking device is working. Pull until you can't pull any further without dislodging the slide. If the cocking mechanism is not locking, then don't worry. Read below.

Wear and tear may impede the cocking mechanisms ability to lock in-place once pulled back the appropriate amount ¶ 

The spring that allows your cocking mechanism to cock might be broken, so follow the instructions in this repair guide. The Nerf gun most likely got hit on a hard surface.

Nerf Zombie Strike Crossbow Cocking Mechanism Replacement

Trigger is Jammed ¶ 

Parts inside the gun may interfere with the trigger motion as well as missing or dislodged pieces ¶ 

If the trigger is jammed, fear not about replacing it; nobody sells it. Instead, it could be a broken spring that allows for the movement of the trigger. Any spring of similar size can be used as a substitute. If you open up the nerf gun and find the spring isn't broken, then follow this repair guide to see how to fix it back into place. Your sibling might have thought this was a cool looking bat, and decided to swing at some balls with it.

Nerf Zombie Strike Crossbow Trigger Spring Replacement

Bow String is Cut ¶ 

Long-term use may cause the bowstring to snap ¶ 

If the bow string was cut then know that it wasn't useful to begin with. 1) You can't buy it in local stores. 2) The trigger string serves more of an aesthetic purpose anyway.

Plunger is not Plunging ¶ 

Excessive force or accidental damage can cause internal issues ¶ 

Likely cause if your brother got a few good hits using the Nerf gun as a bat. Worry not. If you can't see any observable damage on the gun, then you might want to open it up to check for any damage on the inside. Simply follow this repair guide.

Nerf Zombie Strike Crossbow Plunger Replacement

how do you get the arms/wings off without damaging the lock on clip?

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