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Nikon CoolPix S9700 Troubleshooting

Released in February 2014, has 16.0 MP, a 30x zoom capability, and 1080p resolution


S9700 froze

The S9700 won’t do anything.

Currently Recording

If the S9700 is recording, end the recording or wait for it to end. It will not respond if a recording is in progress.

Electronic glitch

Sometimes electronics will just freeze. Turn the S9700 off, then restart. If it is unable to turn off properly, remove and reinstall the battery.

Battery not charging

The battery will not charge or has stopped charging.

Connection Error

Make sure battery is in the correct position. If it is, make sure the charger is plugged in both ends correctly. Ensure the outlet you are using is powered. If it is not, try a different outlet.

S9700 Settings Not Set Up Properly

If charging by computer:

The S9700 must have the “Charge by computer” option ON in the settings menu.

Make sure language, date and time are set. It will not charge if these are not set.

S9700 powered off

If the S9700 is powered off while connected to a computer, charging will stop. Power back on and try again.

Computer Went to Sleep

If charging by computer, charging might stop if the computer goes to sleep. “Wake” the computer and try again.

S9700 / Computer Compatibility Issue

Computer may not be capable of charging the battery. Try charging it with wall adapter.

S9700 will not start

S9700 won’t turn on when you press the ON/OFF button.

Power Button Didn't Sense Being Pushed

Press the ON/OFF button again. If this doesn’t work, press and hold ON/OFF button.

Battery may be dead

Charge the battery through your computer or wall outlet and try again.

No Battery Installed

Check to make sure battery is in the S9700. If not, insert the battery and press the ON/OFF button.

Battery Went Bad

If none of the above works, it is possible that you may need a new battery. Visit the internet or local store and get a new battery.

S9700 Turned Off Without Pressing the On / Off Button

Your S9700 turned off without pressing anything.

S9700 is Saving battery

S9700 turns off by itself to save battery power if you don’t do anything to it for a while. To make it turn back on, you can press the ON/OFF button, shutter release button, record button or rotate the dial.

Battery Died

Battery may have run out of juice. Charge battery through your computer or wall adapter.

Battery went bad

If after charging the battery again, it still turns off, it might be because the battery went bad. Replace the battery with another one.

Temperature Unsafe

Temperature of the S9700 may be too cold / hot to operate. Let it cool down or warm up and try again. Let it do this by itself.

Charging has been Interrupted

  • Charging might stop if the USB connecting it to a Computer has become disconnected. Reconnect it and try again.
  • The computer may have died. Charge your computer, then charge your S9700.
  • Charging will stop if power supply from outlet has become unplugged. Plug it back in and try again.
  • Outlet may have lost power. Make sure your breaker has not tripped.

Flash does not work

The Flash on the S9700 is not working.

The Flash is Off

The flash will not pop up if it is not turned on in the S9700's settings. Turn the flash on.

S9700 on the wrong mode

You might be in a shooting mode that restricts the flash from working. Check these shooting modes:

  • Continuous Shooting Mode - When something other than Single is selected for Continuous function, flash cannot be used.
  • Smile Timer - When ON(continuous) or ON(BSS) is selected in Smile Timer option, the flash cannot be used. Make sure to turn it OFF or select ON(single) if you need to use flash.
  • Blink Proof - When Blink Proof is ON, the flash cannot be used. Make sure to turn the function OFF before using flash.

Spring is dirty or stuck

Open the flash housing and try cleaning the spring using a can of compressed air or WD-40. Be careful not to damage the S9700 and be sure to wipe off any excess.

Needs a new bulb

When the flash does not light up, it might be because the bulb is burned out. If this is the case, you will need to obtain another bulb or flash to replace it with.

Error message on screen

The screen on the S9700 shows an error message.

Lens Obstacle

If the lens is prevented from extending, an error message will usually be displayed. Check the lens while it is trying to extend for possible obstruction. Turn the camera off and then back on.

Battery Issue

Remove and reinsert the battery. Recharge if it is needed and then retry.

Screen is blank

The screen on the S9700 doesn’t have anything on it.

S9700 is off

Press the ON/OFF button to turn it on.

Standby mode is on

If you don’t press anything on the S9700 for a while, standby mode will activate to save the battery. Press the ON/OFF button, shutter release button, record button or move the dial to turn it back on.

S9700 is connected to a different device

The screen will not turn on when the S9700 is connected to a computer or a TV.

S9700 is connected by Wi-Fi

When the S9700 is connected to another device by Wifi and operated by remote control, the screen may not be used.

Screen settings are dim

The S9700's screen brightness might be turned all the way down. Adjust screen brightness in the settings menu. If you can't see the screen well enough, you may need to ask for assistance of another individual or move to a well-lit area.

Screen is dirty

Smudges and other things can obstruct your view of the screen. Clean the screen with a microfiber cloth.

Date and time of recording are wrong

The date and/or time of a recording is not right.

Date and Time Settings are Incorrect

Set correct time and date by going to the setup menu and selecting Time Zone and Date option. The clock on the S9700 is not as accurate as other devices. You might have to occasionally go back and do this again.

GPS not showing location

The GPS on the S9700 cannot find your location.

Signal is not strong enough

The GPS function may not work in all environments, especially when you are out away from the community (Forest, Desert, Ocean, Etc.) or in a building that blocks signal. Ensure that the camera is used in open-air areas to guarantee the location data works properly. Note: It will take a few minutes for the location function to work for the first time.

"Satellite Image" is Displayed

Before taking a picture, check the location data reception. If the “Satellite image” is displayed, location data will not be recorded.

GPS not showing map

The map doesn’t show up on the S9700.

S9700 is charging

The map feature cannot be displayed while the camera is charging. Wait until it is done charging, or has charged enough.

Reception not adequate

The location you are in may not have a strong enough signal to be able to accurately display the map.

S9700 not connecting Wifi to a smartphone

The Wifi will not connect between a smartphone and the S9700.

Wi-Fi is not on

Make sure the Wifi on the S9700 and the smartphone is turned on. If it is not, go into the settings of each and turn it on.

Signal is blocked

Make sure you don’t have anything that might be blocking the signals that would prevent both devices from connecting.

Signal is too weak

Make sure you are within reasonable distance of the smartphone. Try moving closer if the distance is significant.

Can’t see media on TV

The S9700 is connected to a TV, but not showing anything.

Connection is bad

Make sure the S9700 is actually connected to the TV. Unplug the cables, check that they're properly connected, and try again.

HDMI settings not set up in the S9700

Make sure the settings on the S9700 are setup to work on the TV.

HDMI Settings not set up on TV

Go into the settings of your TV and ensure they are set up properly.

Other device is connected to S9700

Connection to TV may not work if your S9700 is already connected to another device. Disconnect the other device with S9700 in order to solve this issue.

There are no images or recordings on the S9700

There might not be any images or recordings on your S9700. Take some and try again.

No images or recordings on memory card

If you have a memory card in your S9700 and do not have any recordings or images on it, try removing it. Your images may be stored in the S9700’s memory and can only be accessed with the memory card removed.

Nikon Transfer 2 doesn’t start

Nikon Transfer 2 program doesn’t start when the S9700 is connected to the computer.

S9700 is off

Turn on the S9700 and try reconnecting.

Battery died

Charge it via computer or wall adapter and try again.

USB is not connected right

Check all connections between the S9700 and the computer then try again.

Computer doesn’t recognize the S9700

This could be due to the capabilities of your computer. It could also be a connection issue. It may have not sensed you plugged it in. Try reconnecting to confirm.

Nikon Transfer 2 is set not to start automatically

If Nikon Transfer 2 is not set to start automatically, you will have to manually start it each time you want to use it.

PictBridge startup screen not showing up

PictBridge printer program doesn’t show up when connected a printer.

Bad Connections

Check the cables / Wifi connecting the S9700 and the printer, then try connecting again.

Printer is Incapable of Running PictBridge

Your printer might not be compatible with PictBridge. You can get a new printer, or transfer your data from your S9700 to a computer and print from there.

S9700 is setup to automatically charge

If you have your S9700 setup to automatically start charging if connected to another device, the program might not work when it is connected to a printer. Turn off that setting and reconnect.

Trying to print images and they’re not displayed

The pictures you are trying to print are not being displayed.

No images in memory card

Replace memory card with one that has the images you’re looking for. If they’re not on a memory card, try removing the memory card to access images and recordings in the S9700’s memory.

Can’t select paper size for printing

You can’t select the paper size you want to print on.

Printer not capable

The S9700 can’t select paper sizes when the printer doesn’t support that particular paper size.

Printer automatically selects paper size

Your printer may be setup to automatically select your paper size. Change this setting and try again.

When the shutter release button is pressed, no image is captured

When you try to take a picture, there is no image.

The battery is dead

Charge the battery via computer or wall adapter and try again.

The flash is charging

The flash is charging when the flash lamp flashes. Wait a little and try taking another picture.

S9700 is in the wrong mode

The wrong S9700 mode might prevent you from taking pictures or recording. Switch to your desired mode and try again.

Camera will not focus

The camera is blurry when trying to record or take a picture.

You are too close to object

The image you are trying to capture is too close. Try using Scene Auto Selector or Close-Up scene mode. If problem doesn’t correct itself, try moving further away.

AF Assist is incorrectly set

In the setup menu of the S9700, set the desired AF Assist. This will open options for determining the focus area when shooting still images.

Electronic error

Turn the S9700 off and restart it to try again. Sometimes errors in electronics will cause the device to act weird.

Images are blurry

Pictures are blurry, or out of focus.

Setting needs flash

The environment you are in might need the flash on to take a good photo, like a basement or a cave. Try turning the flash on and retaking the picture.

The S9700 Moved While Taking the Picture

Try to hold still when taking a photo. This will help take a nice, sharp photo. If needed, try a tripod or setting the S9700 on another surface. You can also use BSS (Best Shot Selector) on the S9700 or enable motion detection or vibration reduction. It may also help to try increasing the ISO sensitivity value (controls camera’s sensitivity to light.)

The Lens is Dirty

When the lens is dirty the pictures may come out blurry or dark. Try cleaning the outside of the lens with a clean microfiber cloth.

The Lens Went Bad

If after cleaning the lens, the pictures are still not clear, the lens may be damaged or defective in some way. Go to the Nikon website or your local camera repair to obtain a new lens.

S9700 won’t save images and recordings

Images and recordings are not saved when taken.

Memory is full

When the memory is full, you can either transfer the contents to a computer, replace the memory card with another one, or delete all the contents on the current one.

Wrong format

To format the memory press MENU then SETUP then FORMAT CARD .

WARNING: This will delete everything that is currently saved.

Images or recording taking longer to save

The S9700 is taking longer to save both images and recordings.

A different setting is being used

Saving images takes time when:

  • Noise reduction function is in operation.
  • Flash mode set to (Auto with red-eye reduction).
  • Using continuous shooting mode.

Change the setting in the S9700 and try again.

Memory is getting full

Saving new media might take a little longer as the memory becomes full. You can transfer images and recordings onto a computer or put in an empty memory card, or delete memory to make some space in the memory card.

Can’t zoom in

Your S9700 will not zoom in on images or recordings.

You’re playing back a recording

Playback zoom cannot be used with recordings.

Electronic issue

The S9700 may not be able to zoom in on all images or recordings captured. It also may not be able to zoom in while in the process of recording. Try turning it off and restarting it.

Maximum zoom selected

You might already be zoomed in on something as close as it will go. Try zooming out and zooming back in to confirm. If so, try moving closer to your target.

Camera dropped, press ON camera lens opens…. All kinds of info comes up on screen remains on but no connection. Need to remove battery to shut off camera ???

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