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Panasonic ER-GN30-K Troubleshooting

A wet/dry facial hair trimmer manufactured by Panasonic. It features a stainless steel dual-blade and "Vortex Cleaning System."

The trimmer will not turn on, regardless of what you do.

If you have not turned your trimmer on in a while or used it recently, the battery may be dead and just needs to be replaced.

If you happened to drop your trimmer and it no longer turns on, there is a good chance the motor broke. A quick way to tell if the motor is broken, shake your device. If you hear any rattling then it is more likely to be the motor. Fixing this requires you to open up your device, so it is better to check the other options first.

After long term usage, the battery may corrode and in some cases the leads can break off. To check this, simply twist the bottom off and look at the leads (the leads are the silver metal pieces where the battery is held). If they are corroded, there will be a white residue where the battery contacts the leads. Removing the corrosion is pretty simple since you can scrape it off. (Note: DO NOT TOUCH CORROSION WITH YOUR BARE SKIN)

After flipping the switch, the trimmer blade does not rotate.

If the blade snags or suddenly gets jammed, the motor shaft can snap, preventing the blade from spinning. If you remove the black trimmer cap, the motor shaft juts out of the top of the device. Give it a gentle tug and if it pops out then it is broken and will need to be replaced.

The trimmer is on and the blade is spinning but is not cutting anything.

After long term usage, the blade can start to wear down or even break entirely. To check if the blade is broken, remove the trimmer cap and pull the blade out of the cap. If it is broken, the blade will have noticeable pieces missing from the top. The blade will have to be replaced for this fix.

The power switch is incredibly hard to flip or will not flip at all.

After long term usage, the power switch can get jammed, making it really difficult to flip. Over time debris can build up under the switch causing a jam. For this fix you will have to open up your device and remove the switch.

After long term usage, the leads connecting the switch to the battery can corrode or even break off. Just like the battery leads, the leads connecting the switch to the rest of the device can corrode or break. Checking this will require you to open up your device.

Water does not flow through the top portion for cleaning your trimmer.

After long term usage, the ring at the top can get jammed, preventing you from turning it for cleaning. To check for debris, remove the trimmer cap and look inside the top of the device.

If your trimmer falls, the ring you turn to let water through can break, preventing you from cleaning your trimmer properly. Inspect the ring and check for cracks. If the ring is cracked or missing, you will have to replace it.

I have taken good care of my Panasonic nose trimmer none of the above applies to the problems I'm having other than it does not work. Where can I have it repaired as I'm very pleased with my product

Mollyskip - Antwort

I want my Panasonic nose trimmer to be repaired. I'm very pleased with it. I've changed the batteries I've always taken good care of it.

Mollyskip - Antwort

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